The Return of A Writer (Still woebegone BUT Still Hopeful)

An up-date.

Once upon a time there was a handsome prince……williamterriss7-2

Oooops, sorry wrong story. I get the two confused.


Once upon a time there was a blog of an Heroically Bad Writer (ie his writing wasn’t bad, it was his approach to getting into print, it is a comi-tragic tale.) and over a few years he did pronounce on this and that, usually about writing, but sometimes politics…. the latter become its own blog Raging From the Lectern and all was well. He made many good friends and wrote back and forth between them and all was well.

Then sadly one day for no accountable reason which any person involved in the real world could figure out, the WP Spam filter decided to turn this writer into a Spambot and try as he might he could get no messages to his friends. When he spoke to those who were wise, learned and did oversee this world of WP they suggested he was doing something wrong and it was all his fault and told him to go away. When he didn’t go away they told him to speak with the Spam Filter. The Spam Filter spoke a language no normal person could understand but the gist was it did not see how the problem was theirs, and also told him to go away. The writer being Heroic, Stubborn and Opinionated said


Which was quite restrained considering the circumstances.

And resolved to wipe out everything he had done so the silly old Spam Filter would forget about him, and he, (being Heroic) would start again.

And thus now do I return…..

Undeterred with my trusty laptop, and latest spam-filter.

In the meantime I continued with my writing project available on Kindle Amazon

Set up its own little site….(not trusting WP since the first fiasco….)….……

And found on returning I am stuck with WP’s new format, which is not to my liking and seems to have been designed with ‘business’ in mind so I will have to preserve there, once I can work out what language masquerading as English is being used.

Mission Statement

Since it is now fashionable in the Western World to not use one’s Nature gifted senses, there will be no politics on this blog, since there are actually no politics worth discussing only populist claptrap, and one may as well talk to a big pile of ……. as try and get sense out of anyone embracing those creeds.

There will be posts about writing, writing and more writing. Such as motivations, approaches, styles, problems, ups and down and so forths…….

I will also be trying to catch up with all my good friends, but will have to do this slowly just in case Spam Filter decides all my activity is Spam.

It’s good to be back

29 thoughts on “The Return of A Writer (Still woebegone BUT Still Hopeful)

  1. You paint a romantic picture of the entire fiasco. Very kind to WP in the midst of it. haha I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through all this nonsense, but I’m so glad you pressed forward, undeterred and determined to forge a path heroically forward!

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    • Oh it’s quite possible it could happen again, after all the system is run by computers.
      But I am ready for the Long Fight and do not intend to go away. Blogs may vanish but I will not.
      It’s a stubborn pre-computer system era mindset (born in 1951)

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  4. Hmmmm. Not in politics? Roger, what’s come over you? (Five stars if you can tell me what song I am misquoting?) My 1949 mind is crashing and burning around me! And gives me such a headache! Hair, 1968. (But it’s not all gone yet!)
    Anyways, late to the party as usual, cuz I hate watching people get drunk and barf all over the host, I thought I would finally visit and congratulate you on your recent resurrection!


    • Nope. Keeping off politics on this blog, that’s because my way out doctrinal left-wing views keep on sneaking out and since that involves attacking all sides of the debate it tends to read as ‘odd’.
      So I’m sticking with Writing…..and restricting politics to remarks on other folks’ blogs (Oh yeah and one for Jill on guess what…The Importance of Voting…yep!)
      Meanwhile……Oooh pop quiz!
      Well ‘Miss You’ By the Rolling Stones is buzzing through my head:
      ‘Shuffling through the street
      Asking people, “What’s the matter with you boy?”….and ‘I can’t get it out my head’ (which is one by the ELO).
      And since my head is now going into overdrive I’ll have to admit defeat on this one.
      Thanks for calling ’round anyway. Much appreciated.


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