The Smidge of Arrogance (A post revisited….and revised, a smidge)

If I was a very popular blogger beloved by millionsvghkRUl7_400x400

…… No, that’s freaky……I’ll start again….

Idiot man 2As you know, WP and Akismet once decided I was Spam (You guys up there in Cyber-City…… I am never, ever gonna let that go) and I decided my whole blog had to be consigned to cleansing flame 250px-Fire_whirl_(FWS)_crop That might be a tad dramatic, but I love the image…..

Anyway now I am back I thought I would rummage through a few of the old posts (tip: Keep your stuff on a Word Doc….you never know when…..) and, y’know Copy & Paste them….I mean like…who is gonna remember ?fed_up_woman-620x412




I do...…. (Oooh, there’s always one, isn’t there?)

Anyway… This was a post from 2018 which was all about the need to have that Smidge of Arrognace to get you started or keep on going…..I’ll let it explain itself (with editorial alterations)

“Average Body Weight 60,000 grms

Average zinc content in body 2 grms

Percentage of zinc therein = 0.00333% per body (one three-thousandth).

Yeh, that’s an estimate of how much zinc your body needs, scientifically the figures might be slightly off, but you get the idea……Not a great amount, but it’s vital, otherwise, things go wrong. Also, too much and things go wrong. You need a smidge…a very, very, very small smidge, but you need it.

Bit like something you add to a meal, if it’s not there, it’s bland maybe, if you put too much it…..Hello waste bin…..

‘So prithee dear blogger’, you ask me


“Hey!!…..You do not normally post up tips on health or cooking. What the frib goes on here?”

Bear with me here, hear me out.


A scene at the ‘desk’ (allegorical) of a writer……


“Oh what is the point of it all?”

You know how it goes don’t you? Consider the following:

You put down the latest well-selling book…..OR…..Sitting there reading someone else’s erudite or inspiring or funny or informative blog post and even worse when they combine them some or all together, and you wonder….’Oh what have I got to offer? I’m like ….blaahh-city!’


A part way through your book or short story and you start to slow down or notice on a re-read that the continuity is all skewed OR the main character is as fascinating as a small piece of cardboard, in fact you reckon the cardboard is more interesting. You are there thinking ‘why am I bothering, I just don’t have it! I am just less than the dust beneath the chariot wheels of other writers….Oh (you say once more) WOE (or any other word you care to use).


you get up OR sit down and think ‘Aww. Why bother! There was no great response to my last effort and I followed all the marketing tips…Let’s face it, I’m a nothing-writer. Who cares! (At this point you may well stick your tongue out at the latest best seller by someone you normally like, but today…..Hufffffffff!!! And foreswear never to read a book again because they only remind you of your own let-downs. You’ll buy boxed DVD sets series 1-15 of something and binge watch)

It happens folks. Doesn’t it?

And we all wonder just what can be done about it. Because we do so love to write, we do so want to be read. We have something to offer.

The Arrogance of such a thought…..Really?

This is where in comes the smidge. The very, very small pinch of Arrogance. That little piece of flint which sets off the spark for the writer to try one more time, and the time after that, and after that and just never give up.

Because you can! Because YOU have something to offer.

Let me just elaborate on this notion and bear in mind this is to illustrate just where the smidge comes in.

I write fantasy, I read fantasy.

Joe Abercrombie is gritty, this is the world big warts and all. His continuity is superb, a minor character is one book is central to another, the background from one book to another align. The action scenes are gory but so well choreographed! His characters are alive.

Q: The Smidge….

‘Haven’t they got their own swear words in this world Joe? I mean like what’s with this old goat having everything as part of his cunning plan, like not new & squaresville man. Where’s the chaos? Where’s the variety in the language. Uhh I got my own views. I’m gonna give that genre my own shot.’


Brandon Sanderson creates whole worlds with their own science in the Mistborn, and an encyclopaedia of characters who flit in and out, have their own vital parts in the plot, no one is wasted. How could I complete?….But soft, who is that knocking on my door of creativity

Q; Smidge

‘Yeh that was fine Brandon. But Stormlight and the Way of Kings, I’m there saying ‘Get on with the plot, the guy is down a big hole and trying to inspire a bunch of other guys, I get it….What about the pacing!..I can wrap up a tale quicker than that..note to self- when writing vol III of  my series, don’t do a Way of Kings on the readers.’

Frib!(shameless plug…read about this and other fascinating words used by characters in The Precipice Dominion series….. available on Amazon Kindle…. terms and conditions apply) ) You say, that sounds like sour grapes and suchwhich. I reply…..No, that is the Smidge speaking, it is that which drives me on. The danger would be to lambast everything Abercrombie and Sanderson do just because I targeted on a few little facets which jarred with my style for I reckon I can write without those….

I…. reckon…..I can write……

And there you have the explanation dear readers/writers, the smidge is enough, just enough to get the words flowing. Any more and you will be sour, bitter and getting nowhere apart from joining the breed who scratch out 1 & 2 star reviews on Amazon because they can’t write and have a pathetic deluded ‘Kritik’ kick going in their own sad dusty little world.

There is one other smidge you should add to Arrogance and that is the Wry Smile.

Jeremy Corbyn How does that work……Oh wierd one?

Glad you asked Jeremy….

You can enjoy those works by succesful authors and still pick holes in them. Do not be angry,  and let jelousy seep in. Just be at one with the belief- no writer is 100% perfect. Therefore you can offer your own take in your own work and you are going to show the world. Never mind who says what……. It does not matter….. You…. ARE…..

Yes…You ARE A WRITER and let no one take this away from you. You have your own style, your own drive, your own images.

Repeat to yourself, without any doubt…




Just that smidge folks.

Then get to work.

Good luck, and fortune to you all. You are worth it.”

14 thoughts on “The Smidge of Arrogance (A post revisited….and revised, a smidge)

  1. Roger, keep on keeping on as an Anonymous poet once said. Truth be told, I gave Bob Dylan credit for this phrase – this poem predates him. Keith

    Keep On Keepin’ On

    If the day looks kinder gloomy
    And your chances kinder slim,
    If the situation’s puzzlin’
    And the prospect’s awful grim,
    If perplexities keep pressin’
    Till hope is nearly gone,
    Just bristle up and grit your teeth
    And keep on keepin’ on.
    Frettin’ never wins a fight
    And fumin’ never pays;
    There ain’t no use in broodin’
    In these pessimistic ways;
    Smile just kinder cheerfully
    Though hope is nearly gone,
    And bristle up and grit your teeth
    And keep on keepin’ on.
    There ain’t no use in growlin’
    And grumblin’ all the time,
    When music’s ringin’ everywhere
    And everything’s a rhyme.
    Just keep on smilin’ cheerfully
    If hope is nearly gone,
    And bristle up and grit your teeth
    And keep on keepin’ on.

    Liked by 1 person

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