How Existentialist Can You Get?

According to the WP information I started this blog on the 26th July, which is very reassuring that WP has acknowledge my existence since on the first attempt (1 hour before) it lulled me into a sense of false security by setting up a site and then denying such a site existed, even if you could type in the address on a Google search.

BUT that is cyber water under the programmed bridge let us not dwell on it…..I’ll just mention it through snarky teeth, from time to time. ….. WP…….  big-raspberry


However it is nice to be back amongst the WP friends again and for them to ‘follow’ me.  11 of them, so far…..

But soft But soft…..The statistics (all hail the Grate(sic) God Stats). Do they not advise me there are 12 followers?….Ah, check I must, who is this shy and timorous creature who follows and yetR_Staines_Malvolio_Shakespeare_Twelfth_Night does not contact me?


Puzzled expression

It’s me!   WIN_20190804_08_40_41_Pro

I’m following me?

Wow, that is so…..

Isn’t it just?

But how can it be that a computer system decides I have to follow me? I mean, I have a fairly good recollection of what I have written (well in the last few days). Where in the programme is the rational that a blogger must follow themselves.

This of course explains why my posts keep turning up on my ‘Reader’ and whereas it is very tempting to ‘like’ them…Well that would be cheating, and I don’t want to end up doing that, I mean where would it end?

Yes, I know Number 10

However back to the subject matter.

How can it be that a computer system let’s you do this, or more to the point encourages you to do it? Because I do not recall making anything like a conscious choice. The evil little programme just picks up on a wandering spasm in the brain, or a few fat fingers and there you are.

Following yourself?Laughing and pointing

I would delete ‘me’ as a follower, but if I were to do that, would that mean a denial of one’s self as a being? Would one be in danger of eradicating oneself from this plain of WP existence? Or, as it were make a statement that one should not be here, for fearing that following oneself is something narcissistic? Brexiteer

There again does this leave me open to the charge of being so fragile that I fear the act of even deleting something so tenuous and ephemeral as a ‘following’ status on WP? Am I thus without the fibre which encourages the growth of character and independence? Whimsey 5…..

Ah me……

Melodramatic man

T’would that the answer be simple, thus….therefore

There again, perhaps it is best to leave the whole thing alone in case WP has another hissy Angry cat 2 fit and wipes out my whole blog !

And we read that AI might take over the WorldAre you serious





So just keep a look out, and if anyone does notice me replying to myself…..I have a FaceBook page and my wife and children can be contacted through there.


3 thoughts on “How Existentialist Can You Get?

  1. Good one, Roger – love the dog! Since I began blogging, it seems WP has instituted the “rule” that I must follow myself. At least, I think it’s a rule. When I look into my subscription list, there am I, royally ensconced as my own follower. That wouldn’t bother me except that it results in me (that’s me here, not me on my blog) receiving two notifications of comments. If you comment on one of my posts, like, “Hey, that post is crooked lady!” then I will get two identical comments, though one will invite me to “view comment” and the other may or may not have a “reply” suggestion attached to it. I think WP is now so intent on chasing “ads” to append to “free” blog sites that they’ve basically lost all reasoning for why they actually exist and they expect us to provide the foot work that keeps the thing going. Back when Yahoo did the same with their “Yahoo Groups” which one by one disappeared into their cloud, then the cloud dissipated, without any rain coming down I might add. Yahoo! So, like you, here I am, and here I’ve been for years, do I unfollow myself? If so, what happens? Reminds me of that Princess Bride conversation between Inuyo Montoya and the Masked Man. Montoya: “You seem a decent fellow, I hate to have to kill you.” The Masked Man: “You seem a decent fellow, I’d hate to die!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep WP is going Cosmological and intimating the frenetic Life Cycle of some Giant Stars which one day will collapse in on themselves.
      In the meantime….
      I had forgotten ‘Princess Bride’…must get a copy!
      Thanks for the reminder


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