One Foot Before The Other

Here is a very lyrical and wonderfully crafted poem by Mathew. Print it out, keep it by your note book or laptop while you are writing your latest project.

Blog of the Wolf Boy

They say, just one step at a time,

One foot, goes before the other.

The results will be sublime.

Just take one step,

And then another.


It may be tough to think like that,

If you’re focused on your goal.

It may not sound like much,

But, it might save your heart and soul.


Lofty goals and great big dreams are nice,

You deserve that in your life.

Feel free to look towards paradise,

Just pace the acquisitions of your strife.


You don’t have to start,

At a flat out sprint.

A fire can smolder in your heart,

By tinder and flint,


Be patient with yourself,

Don’t burn yourself out, too soon.

Be patient with the others too,

Answers prevail when two attune.


Just beware my dear,

Of those whom seek only to impugn,

And instill fear.


One foot in front of…

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