Emotions In Motion

Mathew’s blog is filled with thoughtful reflections and captivating poems.
His book is now available. A cause for celebration

Blog of the Wolf Boy

If you enjoy my blog and my work, I would greatly appreciate your support and patronage. However, it is certainly not necessary! I have recently finished compiling my first book of poetry, Emotions in Motionand it is now available for order through Amazon Direct Publishing. This book contains 14 of my most cherished long-form poems arranged in such a way that it takes the reader through a roller-coaster of emotions.

“Emotions in Motion – A Book of Poetry” is a roller coaster ride of human emotions through poetry which crosses into prose at times. The goal of writing these poems was to expose deep and true human emotion in its raw form, and not just the happy emotions. Some of these poems are based upon my life but many are works of fiction or slightly exaggerated reality, the truth is all in the emotion.

May some of…

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