A review of a book. And a review of the Reviewer

I wanted to reblog this but as we know WP has ‘issues’ with ordinary folk doing ordinary things.

Book Review: “The Calling of Mother Adelli” by Zoe Keithley

The book comes across as a deep work rich in imagery both of the physical landscape and those within the characters. The efforts of Zoe are to be celebrated and she is to be congratulated for having her work into print.

While I’m about it:

I would draw your attention to the reviewer

Berthold Gambrel

Berthold spends a great deal of time and effort in his reviews, giving the prospective reader as much detail as they would need and with his own incisive comments the proverbial food for thought. His criticisms are of the constructive and positive thought and are bound to leave the author nor deflated but thinking ‘Mmmm…yeah…keep that in mind for the next book, or maybe edition of this one’.

So bear both Zoe and Berthold in mind next time you are looking for a new read.

2 thoughts on “A review of a book. And a review of the Reviewer

  1. I went over and read the review: well done. With four books (2 novels, 2 history) on the go at the moment, I can’t take on more and my list of “to be read” grows apace. I need to clone myself into five separate entities, two of whom will do nothing but read and comment. I’ll just synch with the other four me’s and take it from there… how’s that for a solution to not enough time?

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