The Human Lens Turns 8

Here is a blog which is well worth a visit to remind us all in our relatively comfortable ‘west’ what we might take for granted has to be hard won in other parts of the world.

The Human Lens

Today is a birthday as The Human Lens celebrates its 8th year in the virtual wordpress blogging sphere.

Time flies by so fast and there were occasions I felt that I had to give up blogging due to time constraints and being caught up in life. But nothing to keep me from my blogging passion and writing activism. Here is a short recap of the blog achievements during these years:

  • 758 posts focusing the various topics of and around human rights, feminism, religion, race, gender, conflicts, women and children rights etc. 

  • The total number of subscribers are 369 who come from Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas and Australia.

  • In 2015, The Human Lens became the media partner of the non profit organization, North-South Initiative – Malaysia, read here more.

  • The blog started off with three categories and graudally built up with time to grow into seven thematic areas:

    1.  Conflicts and…

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