Upon The Ocean Novelantic

97,430 words out since I left port to discover the ending of Volume III of the Precipice Dominions.

Sailing Ship
The evasive yet talked of landfall is definitely out there, all the evidence in my possession points to its existences, however there is ever the problem of the uncharted vastness in reaching those shores. And yet I must journey on, ever summoned by the soft siren song calling out across the distances.
There have been storms of continuity and places in which I suffered the fear of forever becalmed and the dread of a work unfinished. Sometimes I lost sight of those porpoises of plot and was left wondering if they had felt me not worth their sport, fleeting away to seek brighter and far more entertaining climes.
Ah me.

Sea Captain
I walk the decks assailed by doubts as whether the journey is worth the effort and will there be any interest in my discovery? For out there on the enormity of the imagination are many such voyagers intent on reaching other and maybe more wonderous places.
Yet there can be no turning back, for I owe much to be joyous crew of characters whose constant chatter, antics and small amusing mutinies do keep my spirts ever focused on the dawn where lies beckoning the journey’s end.
Blow then fayre winds of inspiration and send me onwards, ever onwards.

A Salty Dog Procol Harum


31 thoughts on “Upon The Ocean Novelantic

  1. You know how tall ship captains knew they were approaching land when they began to see green things floating on the water? Keep your eyes peeled and watch for printed sheets of paper beginning to float past HMS Inspire. That should indicate that you are approaching a shore.

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  2. Roger, this post also sounds like an analogy for the precipitous journey into Brexit.
    However, we are no longer in the doldrums, but thrashing about in the precipitous storm.

    I think at this point, an unworldly intervention (call it a fate led inspiration if you like), is required. The best outcomes can come from the unlikeliest sources. Whenever I am kerfuddled and don’t know what to do, I go for a walk under ancient trees. There are spirits that always calm me there and make me think straight. Trees are my favourite gurus. They have the answers to an ache in the heart and a troubled mind.

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    • Fortunately the characters of my books and I are the ones steering here thus will safe shores be found.
      Walking under ancient trees and amongst older rocks are indeed good places to go for solace and reflection.
      One of the major characters (Karlyn) in my series climbs, rests in and converses with trees.

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      • Working in the background mostly, and starting to boss around a bunch of political tricksters with a few home truths……. Trelli is always there, she just does things- differently.
        Being aware she might be able to level a city with a flare from her hands has given her a more ….. nuanced approach to life. Trelli is not a ‘I have become Death. The Destroyer of Worlds’ sort of person. Without her Arketre let loose does not bear thinking about.


      • Thanks Sha’ Tara, as always for your support in this project.
        This one is quite the trial.
        Karlyn has to juggle with two facets to her character. (1) Her original identity as an acerbic young woman of higher social class (2) Karlyn we know.
        Arketre has to ‘go down the road’ further than before ,very much as a WWII USSR commissar / Apocalypse Now (Captain Willard)
        Trelli is the most challenging as I don’t want to stereo-type her as the consistent saintly ‘Voice of Reason’.
        The first draft of course is and will continue to be a mess, but has to be completed so I can get back there and work out the mass of errors.
        And I have to make their individual and combined contributions to a war in several realms fit…
        Who knew infuriating misery could be such fun???


      • This may seem like a strange response, but do you have any idea how much I wish we lived close enough to one another to go sit in a pub and talk “writing” and inspiration? The purpose that drives us to accept the frustration, carrying on the see the story come it its natural conclusion, even if it has to be taken up again?

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      • My wife Sheila would have to come along, she writes poetry and has the same experiences.
        (We’ll drink tea, or bottled water).
        Weather Warning: Sardonic showers
        Be prepared for a quirky post along the lines of the frustrations to do with the ‘finished’ product.


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