Thought For The Day…..

If you are in this state of mind……….

Plot Image 1

“I do like my computer, I trust Microsoft to do the very best for me with its upgrades and I think that every site especially Word Press, FaceBook , Yahoo, Google, and Amazon to name but a few have me, my mental welfare  and my experiences and a trouble free way of working uppermost in their minds.

I am content that in the future I will trust everything they do.”

Either you:

  1. Do not use your Computer very much. But soft
  2. Need to check the contents of those new vitamin pills you are taking. 1
  3.  Should stop using your device for a day or two and let the subliminal messages wear off. Tricycle 2
  4.  Could ask a good friend or near relative to use theirs on your behalf and not to pay attention to the language they use when doing so.sturm_drang3
  5.  Might consider relocating to a log cabin, remote cottage or abandoned lighthouse and living a simpler life.Processed with VSCO with b3 preset

Failing this you should ask someone to empty of bucket of ice-cold water over you so you come to your senses enabling you to do like the rest of us….. scream, swear and threaten physical violence



Barbarian Woman Warrior

upon the computer systems and sites sundered & various.

And never forget there is always the good old, dependable

Big Raspberry





21 thoughts on “Thought For The Day…..

  1. Hey, hey, hey, Roger! Great post. Want an update on my WP “Perils of Pauline” endless saga? Following their suggestions, I reset my password (third time in as many days) and I did switch from Edge (on Win. 10 here) to Google Chrome. The result… so far… is I can actually leave a message, here, on your ow blog, something WP refused to allow prior to these changes. Now the trillion $$$ question is, what error message am I going to see when I “Post Comment”??? Here goes, fingers and toes crossed while listening to “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Must be morning in your neck of the woods! I’m not finished with WP yet but progress is being made. Still some ‘weird’ blogs from India that WP has decided to block access to their ‘like’ and ‘comment in this post’ which I need to resolve. This problem may originate with their local ISP’s using shortcuts to save on bandwidth and costs. I’ll get there eventually. BTW I’ve lost your email address in all my computer switches, upgrades etc, etc to infinity! Can you send me a new link to ???


  2. Did it work??? Did it actually work? Next question, what happens after I shut down then retry to login? That’s usually where the glitches happen, where the WP Gremlin “Like” and “Comment” eaters reside…

    Liked by 1 person

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