Veterans Day


For my friends in the USA

11th November Veteran’s Day. USA

The song at the bottom of this post by Brewer & Shipley ‘Seems Like Long Time’ always conjured up at image of soldiers around a fire, singing:

From 2:49 are the most telling lines:

‘War time is only the other side of peace time

But if you ever seen how wars are won

You’d know what it’s like to wish that peace would come

And don’t it seem like a long time….’

Think on these following images of how you got to be so comfy, and when those folk who have never been to war start banging the drum…..

And the ones who never got back in body or in mind….


Eyewitness 3

(Hurtgen Forest Germany 1944)


Eyewitness 4

(‘Somewhere’ in Europe 1944-45)

Eyewitness 2

(‘Somewhere’ in the Pacific 1942-1945) 



(Omaha Beach Normandy June 1944)

And just a ps for those Fools who embrace a neo-nazi cause:

Malmedy Massacre

(Malmedy 1944)

You Traitors.


7 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. 😥 This may well be the most poignant post I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks, dear Roger. We forget, these days, to whom we owe our lives, our nation, our freedoms. Thank you for these words, and for this song, which I had only just heard tonight.

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  2. “You traitors” – I fail to compute the relevance. How are neo-nazis traitors? To whom, or what, or how? The world wars were fought for one reason only: money. No matter who’d lose, the banksters would always win. Those who fought in those wars fought for the elites, to guarantee that today we would have billionaires ruling over the world. That was always the plan. Neo nazis are just one more of those thug groups to lead mobs against whatever other group their masters direct them to. They are braindead, stupid, mentally unbalanced, tools. Like every other “terrorist” group that ever surfaced anywhere. None of them are traitors or all of them are, including those who volunteered or were conscripted. All of them were/are traitors to humanity and to life. Today in particular I’m reminded of the line, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Are the traitors those who show up to do their patriotic duty for the local bank, Coca Cola, the Tzar, the ruling party, the king, the despot… or those who abstain, thinking it all absolute madness? When will people stop making heroes of those who killed and died in defence of capitalism or any ‘ism’? When they become enlightened? As long as we insist on glorifying some wars, or some aspects of wars, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. If we stopped giving credit where it is not due, that could constitute a little drop in the big empty bucket labelled “peace on Earth.” My parents who fought the Nazis in France hated remembrance day. They knew it was a false image, that what was being “glorified” wasn’t “the noble dead” but the financial and political corruption that manipulated the world into those wars. What was being glorified was the profit that was made, the power that was accrued, the future wars that would be fought in the name of patriotism regardless of time, location, or reason for the war. By their overt persecution of Jews and other “undesirables” and the slaughter of millions of helpless civilians, the Nazis set themselves up as the perfect meme, giving the war a legitimacy it otherwise would have lacked. Perfect propaganda. Hitler and Tojo, two men’s madness exploited and fed to legitimize an insane conflict in the eyes of the blind and dumb. That exploitation, so useful to the elites, is carefully nurtured to this day and the deplorables fall for it, hook, line and sinker. That’s my ode to November 11th.

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    • This comment was crafted and directed at those in the USA who carry Nazi Flags. It was emotional, a deliberate plea to shame them. For they support the regime which caused the death of men the USA would be currently sensitive about.
      Y’ see I make no apologies for this. I have signed up to the Logic of War. The men who died at Malmedy had surrendered until the rules. They were slaughtered defenceless, like so many civilians by men indoctrinated by the Nazi regime. Those who carry the Nazi flag in the USA insult the relatives of those dead. Thus they are traitors.
      I do not pretend this to be ethically correct. Nor do I seek out to look deeper to excuse the action.
      The whole idea y’see Sha Tara is to throw the consequences of the beliefs of the current crop of US Nazis back in their faces and see the consequences of their particular actions.
      The elites do not prosper without the consent of the millions. Nor would the Hate Mongers; their particular followers have to face up to the consequences of their beliefs.
      Those who die in wars….Some by its Logic…have it coming….they wanted it. The majority, victims, victims of the failure to stamp out the Intolerance and the Fears which give rise to wars.
      War is our child and it is very good at manipulating its millions and millions of parents, it has thousands of years practice.


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