Aureyborealice, A Fable in Several Parts…Part II


Due to the increasingly complex interplay between characters and the national stances both socio- economic and political from henceforth italics will be used in the summaries of the various characters, national stuff, etc.

Part II: The Jolly Wedding-Based Economy, The Geo-political Situation,The Arrangements Stuff and the Socio-Cultural Impact.  

Now that the wedding of Prince Frendlehanz (handsome, noble and fayre to the lesser classes) of Dingledong to Princess Whinsome (The reasonably beautiful and possessed of russet hair; kindly and compassionate nature, wonderful at sewing and dutiful at prayer) of Trundlealong  had been verified by treaty, exchanges of  gifts, officially sanctioned plighting of troths (or trothes-depending on regional variations) and all the rest, a date had been set for the event. It was to take place on High Spring Observation Day. Dingledong and to a lesser extent Trundlealong’s economies geared up. This made The Chancellor of the Exchequer of Dingledong quite satisfied; he tried to avoid being happy as it marred his judgement. The High Diplomat was more sanguine as he had to keep an eye on the three smaller kingdoms of Hasselduff, Moochenmuch and Grunzelpratz for any sustained rumblings on account of  various daughters, nieces etc not having made the cut in the marriage scene.

There was thus much wedding-based industry in creations of  catering, memorabilia celebratory songs, poems, woodcuts, suitable clothing etc. All this resulted in an even more jolly atmosphere, giving rise to a a slew of pre-wedding celebrations, parties and harmlessly boisterous events. The combination naturally increased the working populations and placed coin of various types into the economic infrastructure. The Chancellor of The Exchequer aided by his own para-military tax officials worked long hours to ensure inflation was kept under control by arranging for the imprisonment or disappearance of profiteers; this served to make the population even happier (and amazingly jolly)

To ensure maintenance of the high levels of joy and merriments and thus economic activity, Princess Aureyborealice( beauty beyond compare, long flowing blonde hair, was kind to everyone, sang with birds, talked to small furry creatures and danced) had been allowed out of her garden and set free to sing and dance at carefully organised official events at which socially acceptable children were selected to join in with her. Most folk thought she was even more incredibly lovely than they had heard tell and also the daughter they wished they had; in the case of younger males they were advised to keep their thoughts to themselves, younger daughters set upon to trying to look and act like Aureyborealice which when carried on in numbers did cause some social disfunction, but most of this was covered up under the guise of Celebration.  Anybody found making misanthropic comments about her was arrested on some knocked together charge,  thrown in prison for an unspecified duration and told they would not be let out until they could prove to a local committee that they had become very jolly and happy for the royal family. Most being tiresomely self-aware preferred to espouse martyrdom- no one cared, except for those charged with jailing accommodation.

And so the day of the wedding grew closer. Where there was absolutely no merriment was in Chilbin. There King Vilfahengo (The Iron) had to deal with his brooding son Hulstrum (The Fierce ) who was not displaying any enthusiasm about trying to woo Princess Aureyborealice (beautiful, kind, dancing etc) while many of his lords and ordinary folk were asking why they couldn’t invade the insufferably smug place like used to happen in the Good Old Days. King Vilfahengo (The Iron) resolved to have more schools in which the principal lessons would be Politics and Economic Strategy and so save him the bother of having to repeat himself explaining to what he realised was a kingdom of lunkheads.  As a short term policy he sent some of his more bellicose lords north to deal with a sudden outbreak of shaman(capering, gibbering and waving sticks with bones on) inspired revolts by the barbarians who, truth be known, didn’t need much encouragement. This had the unfortunate side-effect of making Hulstrum even more surly as he wasn’t allowed to go north with the armies because of The Wedding and Princess Aureyborealice, so he could not sneak off to tryst with Magnificalorin (flame haired and fiery, daughter of Gurt a barbarian of some standing ).

In her tall, sombre palace and tower which many a thoughtful observer had wondered how she’d managed to get built so quickly up the windiest side of The Grim Northern Mountain of Urnnnng  Lady Frastreiayal (sister of Domesticia, wife of King Genially of Dingledong and not invited to family events due to suspicions surrounding their father being made their Late Father years before his time  ) continued with her elaborate scheming . For most of the time, of late, she had studied long and hard on Weathers and The Metrological Implications of Doing Things With Weathers. When not involved in scientific research she reviewed the geo-political and socio-economic situation of the region. For mild amusement she had journeyed (on a flying horse called ThunderMane) to the barbaric north and  appeared in slightly hideous disguise amongst the previously pacified shamanic class (see Part I – King Vilfahengo-Iron & Son Hulstrum- The Fierce currently converting to The Brooding) in the guise of Frizgrunstar Wydle Wyfe, Spouse of  Thugnnorran The God of a Thousand Peaks)- (she in barbaric folklore and affiliated beliefs being the one who encouraged folk to get killed in battle, her old man being responsible for delegating out deity-oriented jobs to their children and the relatives). In the guise of flowing and ragged blood stained clothe-tastefully covering up most of her body she had chastised (verbally) the menfolk for being so supine and the womenfolk not shoving their idle men out to war.  With everything moving along at a goodly pace she just hoped her sister Domesticia (gracefully aging queen of Dingledong and of many happy years marriage to King Genially) would not suddenly spoil everything with a fit of sisterly reconciliation and invite her to the wedding. She need not have worried.

Queen Domesticia had had her own challenges. Doctrindoss The Arch-High Elect Supervisor for The Supreme One; (The Church of the Supreme One being the region’s acceptable religion), had taken a specific interest in the wedding. Normally he left his bishops to get nobles married to each other but one involving Dingledong and Trundlealong’s most eligible youngsters obviously required The Arch-High Elect Supervisor for The Supreme One. Since he had been The Arch-High Elect Supervisor for The Supreme One for thirty and three years and could, without invitation or warning  recite whole chunks the Ten Holy Books while concerning footling points of theology argue anyone into stultifying insensibility, the two royal families could see no way out of the matter. Thus Domesticia was obliged to make sure the journey from his small but highly independent city state of Turgidan was free of any travel problems, unseemly heretics, herds of animals to market and pot holes. She then had to arrange the very best of accommodation for him and his travelling retinue while mollifying the injured egos of the five and ten bishops of both kingdoms. Her opposite number in Trundlealong, Queen Fashionelle (always well dressed and ever sociable)   ducked out of the whole business citing arranging her daughter Princess Whinsome (The reasonably beautiful and possessed of russet hair; kindly and compassionate nature, wonderful at sewing and dutiful at prayer) and the six and twenty bridesmaids into presentable order. Princess Whinsome was no problem, the six and twenty bridesmaids, their mothers and a few aunts who’d managed in stick their noses in were. By mutual consent of both Queens their husbands were deemed of no use whatsoever in either matter and the men were left to get entangled in the political, diplomatic and economic ramifications.

Thus came the Tenth Day before the wedding and four days following the settling in of Doctrindoss The Arch-High Elect Supervisor for The Supreme One and his indifferent but unavoidable retinue. At this stage both King and Queen of Dingledong and most of their governmental staff still had to shoe-horn all the guests and their own crowds into suitable lodgings, therefore they left the escorting of Princess Whinsome to the joint efforts of her brother Prince Hanselfrendlesten (an adventuresome warrior prince) and her betrothed Prince Frendlehanz ( handsome, noble and fayre to the lesser classes,). Despite his best efforts Hanselfrendlesten could not convince Frendlehanz to go on a post-honeymoon military campaign; it was possible his failure to literally map out an exact location for said campaign might have been a contributory factor. Likewise Frendlehanz had not made a strong case on the joys of garden landscaping. However those two small points aside the two young fellows got on quite well, could discuss hunting, horses and also share many a young manly jest on their respective experiences with women who under no circumstance could be considered as having wife-potential, the latter comments were best not overheard by folk of delicate sensibilities.

Amongst all the comings and few goings, celebrations, catering arrangements, scantily attended gatherings of local religious folk and parading of military units who had been lucky enough to be selected out of usual patrolling, cleaning barracks, tax collecting escorts, guarding in remote and unsanitary keeps and chasing evasive malcontents duties no one noticed the arrival of an unescorted middle-aged woman of unprepossessing dress and polite but little conversation. Most folk who bothered to witness her assumed her old man must be about somewhere and she’d been arriving late because of the securing of recalcitrant children with other relatives.

No one ever, ever thought, not even The Chancellor of the Exchequer that Lady Frastreiayal of The Grim Northern Mountain of Urnnnng was in their midst, her plans of mischief all in place.

Meanwhile Princess Aureyborealice ( beautiful etc… you should know the rest by now) despite the concerns of some of the fussier of her ladies in waiting and her two physicians in attendance as to her general physical state of health, she still maintained her eager good-hearted joy at the coming celebrations while her feet showed no signs of any injury or even abrasion or her voice wear and tear on the vocal chords. For so pure was her dear, honest heart, she was somewhat exempt from the depredations caused by the commonly shared less pleasant emotions and ill-humours of the usual human set-up.

Aureyborealice, A Fable in Several Parts…Part I


9 thoughts on “Aureyborealice, A Fable in Several Parts…Part II

  1. You’re having fun writing that, aren’t you! 😆
    Note: “an unescorted middle-aged woman on unprepossessing dress and polite but little conversation.” You may want to change “on” to “of”?

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    • Curse those cyber elves! I had read & re-read the blessed thing I tell you!….Will alter it though, with the aid of a cyber-rune to scare off those elves!
      Yep! I am having more fun than a writer should have…..(the fantasy/fable genre had it coming)…as long as other folk get a smirk or two out of it as well.


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