Aureyborealice. A Fable in Several Parts…Pt IV


Pt IV: An Officially Not Jolly Aftermath 

What indeed did happen in the immediate following the exit of Doctrindoss The Arch-High Elect Supervisor for The Supreme One, other than a lot of folk ran this way or that( depending on their circumstances)? Firstly, there was much talking at once. Secondly lots of urchins took the opportunity to snaffle as much of the several laid out wedding feasts, so much so they took a great deal back to their families, and at least that usually unfortunate section of society were jolly.

Thirdly King Genially, promptly stopped being jolly, as did most of his court, some of whom being more athletic hauled a few bishops and clerics over to demand what the fornacazoni (a dreadful oath) was going on….meanwhile the Chancellor of the Exchequer and The High Diplomat repaired away to a quite place to discuss matters.

As regards the four young folk:

‘What has come to pass!’ demanded Hulstrum (currently ,the exceptionally bothered) , for now he had no one to legally hit and since the fog had cleared so he couldn’t thwack Hanselfrendlesten (the slightly concussed) anymore. Thus Hulstrum was very cross

‘I’ve been heavily struck in the old gazongas,’ complained Frendlehanz (the presently incapacitated).

‘I’ve got a piece of earth in my ear,’ announced Aureyborealice (still very beautiful but then in a rustically ruffled way) clearing it out with the very unprincess-like application of finger to ear ‘ole.

‘What are the ‘old gazongas’?’ Whinsome( of the somewhat sheltered life) enquired, via the girl’s clean ear of Aureyborealice (the more familiar with Nature) who  whispered discreetly back Remember that of which I explained to you concerning Men and Women…well….’

‘Oh,’ responded Whinsome ‘What a dreadfully vulgar statement to make out loud,’ and thus became quite stern about the whole business.

‘In answer to your question Prince Hulstrum,’ said Winsome quite firmly while, consulting her small book of prominent theological points, she always carried with her, because one never knew when it would come in handy ‘It is definitely the case that you and Prince Frendlehanz have been married unto each other, while I,’ she glanced to Aureyborealice, currently engaged on cleaning out the other ear ‘Am married to Aureyborealice,’

The three other gave out with various expressions of surprise, meanwhile her brother Hanselfrendlesten said.

‘That’s what I thought. Thank Frib’ (a mild oath) for that. I thought I might have been knocked quite out of my wits,’

This statement was not of any use to Princes Frendlehanz and Hulstrum, far from it. They both stood up and goggled at the women, Frendlehanz’s normally equitable mood prejudiced by the previously mentioned injury.

‘Yes. Very funny joke. Ha-ha-ha,’ Frendlehanz said, truth be known at the time not feeling jolly, in fact not even the least bit jocular ‘Now come sweet Whinsome and take my hand, dearest wife,’ at which the princess recoiled, actually into the arms and earth stained hands of Aureyborealice (the now bemused)

‘Nay good sir. I beg you not,’ cried Whinsome in all sincerity and now, not caring much for a fellow who used vulgarities out loud within earshot of young women ‘For our unions have been commanded unto us by The Supreme Being through His Wiseness Doctrindoss The Arch-High Elect Supervisor for The Supreme One, and are thus sacred,’ these words she said with such intensity that Aureyborealice thought what she had initially believed to be a big ol’ helping of gooseberry gurgle pudding (a rather sticky bowl of goo beloved by peasants but also a metaphor for a mess) was actually the truth, the whole truth and nothing but a chuckling sort of truth. She patted Whinsome on the shoulder.

‘Well versed(ed) in the laws, theology  and wisdom of The Supreme Being and his allotted, or whatever,’ Aureyborealice said, for although she loved her brother, she also thought he could be a bit of smug stiff-neck at times and needed taking down a bit, adding ‘Is my beloved wife,’ Whinsome’s eyes widened a bit; for she had not thought of that implication, was Aureyborealice her husband then?

‘My Lady!’ cried Hulstrum at Aureyborealice, determined not to let the blonde weirdo  get away with that ‘Thou art now my spouse, won in fayre contest, defending your honour!’ and stepped towards her ‘Now behave as a goodly spouse,’

‘Brother!’ cried Aureyborealice in horror (much feigned) ‘How can(st) you let your wife so speak(eth) thus to me, currently second in line to the throne of Dingledong,’

At this Whinsome sternly regraded Hulstrum and said.

‘Wife knoweth thy place. For The Supreme One hath bless(ed) you with the state of matrimony,’ quoting from some Holy Book or other; having taken something of an instant dislike to Hulstrum; truth also be known, not a too difficult task.

At this the previously non-contributory Prince Hanselfrendlesten broke into a snort of laughter so loud even some of the closer hub-bubing folk noticed it. He thence commenced to roll about the ground holding his sides in gleeful amusements; happily for those of delicate sensibilities his laughter and chortles masked up some of the ribald suggestions he was making to his two fellow princes.

Frendlehanz (the now huffy) feeling that maybe Hanselfrendlesten had certain shallowness to his character he did not care for turned to Hulstrum and said.

‘We shall repair to my father and explain these three have been struck witless and all is null and void due to whychteri craft. It will be an inconvenience of course to have to go through the ceremonies again, but good Hulstrum my sister will be your wife by the end of the month,’

Hulstrum’s previous lack of enthusiasm was burnt aside by the very audible dismissive and vulgar ‘sound’ from Aureyborealice. He would soon show the uppity twitess! And off he stomped, Frendlehanz due to the persisting effects of his recent injury hobbled in his wake. Hanselfrendlesten calling after them ‘but you have not kissed the bride yet,’ being of no help in mollifying matters.

King Genially was still clinging to the notion that it had been but a simple whychteri attack by fel forces intent on disrupting the wedding. He wished everyone would stop talking at once, waving hands and Holy Books in the air, adding to this was an outer circle of those parents who could only account for ten and five out of the twenty and six bridesmaids. What really set the whole business up into quite another level was the arrival of the two aggrieved princes and their announcement as to just what the two princesses were asserting. At this point some of the bishops and clerics tried to sneak off.  Once more they were detained by those of the athletic part of the court and told with a sort of rough civility to explain matters, sensibly, without a load of theological incomprehensibilities.

‘Tis an unfortunate-ness,’ dithered the one shoved forward by his associates ‘There maybe, based on the theological principal of Devine Wisdom a certain validity to their statement,’ at this point for similar reasons to those of Queen Domesticia’s (remember her- currently being tended to by ladies in waiting) he too fainted.

‘Come hither daughter!’

That shut most folk up they had never heard there previous jolly and easy going Good Ol’ King Genially boom in the manner of one of those vulgar nobles, (thankfully from other places).

With an infuriatingly placid and sunny smile Aureyborealice while holding Whinsome’s hand skipped (barefooted- her ornate wedding shoes had been pinching her toes and heels all the morning) over the sward (a fancy name for grass) or in Whinsome’s case ‘dragged a bit’ to her father.

‘What is this foolishness!’ he demanded, to which Whinsome shocked by this display of unjolliness  hid a little behind Aureyborealice, having a crouch a bit being one thumb’s (average) height taller.

‘Dear Father and Dread Sovereign . ‘Tis not foolishness. ‘Tis unusual I will admit to thee. Yet by my troth I wilt take honoured oath unto thee I did witness’ when Aureyborealice particularly wanted her way she was inclined to lapse into annoyingly correct courtly language which folk found difficult to argue with ‘That which hath taken place was indeed by act and wisdom of the Supreme One by and through his representative of Earth Doctrindoss The Arch-High Elect Supervisor for The Supreme One,

At this Whinsome peeked around Aureyborealice‘s shoulder and with slight nervous smile squeaked.

‘ Tis so,’ and waved her small book of prominent theological points, the reading from it said.

‘Question ye not The Arch-High Elect Supervisor for The Supreme One, when he speak(eth) on matter of belief for he is but the voice of the Great Wisdom of The Supreme One,’

She did have a few more things to say to elaborate on that statement but all the men assembled gave out with many loud cries of outrage and argument and as a group set forth to seek out the fellow Doctrindoss (now being referred to by that subsidiary title of Old Fool)  gathering others as they went. All either having an opinion or demanding to know what was going on. The delegations of the three smaller kingdoms of Hasselduff, Moochenmuch and Grunzelpratz piling in, intimating none of this would have happened if one of their relevant daughters had been chosen; this affronted those of Trundlealong who turned to their prince Hanselfrendlesten (the now reasonably conscious) for guidance. He being fearfully loyal to his sister took a simple solution and punched someone from Hasselduff in the face. Hulstrum seeing a fresh opportunity to thwack Hanselfrendlesten again strode into the situation, only to get accidentally struck on the jaw by someone from Moochenmuch to which he responded with greater vigour than his hapless assailant. Somebody from Grunzelpratz labouring under the delusion that they were a wit called upon Frendlehanz ‘to control his wife’, Frendlehanz having heard that line already and not restrained by family ties set about the fellow. Thus did the three princes of Dingledong, Trundlealong and Chilbin form a hasty alliance against the small hosts of Hasselduff, Moochenmuch and Grunzelpratz, AND retinues of all sorts piled in. Bishops and clerics were blamed by some and since (in those times) no one could assail with sword or fist religious folk the unfortunate men  had trifles and cream cakes smeared on them. King Genially being shoved, elbowed, trod on and poked demonstrated how really, very unjolly he now was took sides with his son and kneed a very loud duke of Grunzelpratz in the butt.

Aureyborealice escorted Whinsome away from this. As they journeyed away they were approached two calm and composed men each escorted by two soldiers in dark armour, surcoats and visored helms.

‘My ladies,’ one said. ‘Our Masters, The Chancellor of the Exchequer and The High Diplomat would like to speak with you. Please do not be afraid. They require only your opinions,’

In a smallish discreet apartment introductions were made by Aureyborealice to set Whinsome’s slightly palpitating heart at rest, and the two men both very composed and not the least bit threatening simply asked her if she could please explain from her viewpoint just what had taken place. While she explained the theological interpretations based on the circumstances, legal applications of said interpretations and academic opinions on possible factual basis pertaining to events of yore, Aureyborealice munching on a snaffled piece of cake gazed out the window and noted it was suddenly pouring down with rain turning the neatly cared for sward into a muddy, very slippery field and so the eruption of violence was turning into something quite comic as many a self important fellow fell down on their well-flesh(ed) hindquarters, to be tripped over by those athletic types.

‘Hmmm,’ she said unto herself as she studied the skies.

Meanwhile the author of the sudden downpour, Lady Frastreiayal  of the Grim Northern Mountain of Urnnnng, sat under a vacant awning seeming to comfort a duchess (who had misplaced her bridesmaid daughter) all while thinking it was a morning’s good work of mischief.  ‘Them and their smug, complacent jolliness….hah!’ (she thought unto herself) She would return to the Grim Northern Mountain of Urnnnng and from a distance via a magic mirror or six enjoy the whole aftermath.

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  1. I just love how you put the details together, like pearls on a string – once on the string, they stay in their place. That’s quite the trick, I imagine (or try to!). Then there’s the two “star crossed” couples rejecting and/or coming to terms with their new connubial realities… too funny!

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