Seriously folks… The Joys of Writing

Understandably those who write and (A)  Hope to make some income from their efforts or (B) Have received more rejection slips than is Just or (C) Cannot get their characters to do exactly as they would wish or (D) Are presently engaged in yet another re-write or (E) Staring at the blank page or half-finished paragraph OR any combination of the aforementioned will have looked at this title either screamed……  ‘Are you insane!’ Overreacting

OR ‘Oooh !…You smug, complacent…..(deleted)…..

Big Raspberry….… to You!!

Which is understandable….(If I wasn’t writing this I know I would resort to such). And yet even the most tormented, frustrated and wretched of us have to admit that from time to time during our journey on putting words from mind into a readable format we must have felt a small secret thrill of joy when engaged in the whole tortuous exercise.

Why? Oh Evasive and Yet Persistent Muse Why?


For art there not many more rewarding and easier tasks?

Whimsey 2

No, we will not turn away to these delightful pleasures. We will carry on writing….


And there within us lies the unknown factor, irrespective of whatever may come of it. Therein lies the sheer joy of seeing thoughts coalesced into ideas which in turn settle down upon paper or the electronic equivalent. The bright warm thrill of witnessing the finished work. To know this is something ***I ***created of my own volition and effort. My art, my striving, this is a gift which lies there’s quietly whispering away even in the most fallow of times.

Take it, embrace the warmth and the strength, let the feeling flow throughout you, see you through.

For you are a writer by choice or by design.



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