The Relief of Reading a Printed Book

Some interesting thoughts on paper vs e-books and reading in general.
And once more very valuable words for us indies

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I’m reading a printed book after weeks of reading ebooks with the Kindle app on my tablet.

Switching to print has been such a relief! I don’t have to turn the tablet back on if I’ve happened to leave it for a few minutes, or dart back to flip the page back to prevent the device shutting off while I’m making that sandwich. I don’t have to check the battery level or remember to plug it in.

Ebooks are compact and convenient, no question about that, but print books provide a less demanding reading experience. Open or closed, they sit there obligingly, waiting to be read. Several times since I switched back to print, I’ve returned to the book after getting a cup of coffee and experienced a pleasant surprise when I realized I didn’t have to turn on the reading device and key in a password in order to…

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6 thoughts on “The Relief of Reading a Printed Book

  1. I still prefer my digital “library” in phone or tablet form… and mine don’t lose their page: touch the screen and it re-opens exactly where I left off… plus if my mood changes and I want something different I’ve got over a thousand still unread books in phone or tablet just waiting to be savoured.
    But then I’m a reader (and sometimes a story teller) but I can’t think of myself as a writer. You have to have talent for that!
    “Writers are desperate people and when they stop being desperate they stop being writers.” — Charles Bukowski. Well Charlie boy, I’ve never been that desperate and if I felt pulled in that direction there’s always a glass of wine available to change my mind in.

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    • I need to read. My attention span for the written word as a writer is shameful. Why, I know(eth) not. Audio books, fine, love them. Trying to read, the mind wanders….Go figure.
      Wellllllll actually Sha’ Tara, ‘Antierra’ begs to suggest otherwise to your statement. You are a writer. That’s it. The Muses have deliberated and judged thereupon. You are a writer, no grounds for appeal, accept your current calling.
      I had to.
      (‘Talent’… there’s a word, the mere mention of which would start a furious argument amongst a group of writers)


      • I always have three or four books on the go – those being the ones I will turn to at least once or twice a week. I have a novel in the side pocket, driver’s side door of my van that’s been there for several years. It’s still OK, I read some of it recently – took a bit of refreshing! This is where paper has the advantage, you can flip back and forth to catch key points but e-readers are getting more flexible in that way too. As to being a writer, I suppose if a story teller is caught red handed writing down her stories, the “no writer” defense no longer holds.

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