Musings on Writing- Don’t You Hate It When….1

Don’t you hate it when…


In a hurry to finish off one part; just for convenience  you place a character in Location A. Then later on in your eagerness to write THAT very important chapter around which, if not the whole but at least a vital part of the narrative revolves you have them appearing Location B which is many miles distant from Location A and in a circumstance which defies any good reason you can think of to explain that anomaly.

Hamlet 2

If you are very fortunate you will have dropped them off at Location A in such a casual way you can write that smidge out and in retrospect shuffle them into Location B ready for THAT chapter you have ben itching to write.

Meanwhile you look at yourself in the literal or allegorical and say:


Confused person on Brexit


4 thoughts on “Musings on Writing- Don’t You Hate It When….1

  1. I thought the “cut n’ paste’ bit had solved that problem? How well I remember the stacks of “notes” with circles and arrows, numbers and letters, indicating where each comment was meant to be inserted into when the typewriter was activated again… I also remember that more often than not if a comment went in the wrong place it turned out that it was a better fit! Very little was ever discarded. With some judicial re-writing any comment could be edited to fit almost any part of the story. Was I just lucky?

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