Musings on Writing- You Should Always…. 2

You should always…

Upon receiving a rejection maintain a dignified air 

Vintage engraving of a victorian era professor or schoolmaster reading a book.

True, there is nothing wrong in a small private release and annoyance


Upon receipt of that rejection notice….

You might even indulge in a modest amount of arrogant dismissal of the opinions voiced there in….

(Women writers are advised not to don a moustache and beard while doing this as it detracts from the overall aura of that most devestating of weapons……female distain) 

However once the disappointment and annoyance are out of your system…

Tricycle 1

And you have returned to equilibrium

Remember this:

Behind every successful writer are editors who rejected their work and would now rather not be reminded of it


2 thoughts on “Musings on Writing- You Should Always…. 2

  1. I tried to like this but WordPress! LOL! Despite your admonishment, I think of myself looking more like the dude with the hat and mustache! LOL!! Loved it Roger 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi again Gwin.
      Typical WP to get in the way!
      Well if you reckon you can carry off the hat, moustache and beard, you go for it!
      Glad to enjoyed the musing. Long ago I decided editors and me, we usually just weren’t on the same wavelength, so I went for self-publishing. I still like to support folk in their writing endeavours though. It’s a tough gig.
      I keep on keeping on though.😃


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