Musings on Writing- Don’t You Hate It When….3

Forward Note:

Today’s Musings on Writing is an interactive exercise.

You are invited to print out,  Copy and Paste (if WP and your computer care to co-operate) or share on whatever doo-hickey you can get WP to share with, follow the instructions

Don’t you hate it when…

NOW:…..Please enter below your list of particular peeves, niggles, annoyances, rage inducing actions etc caused by the aforementioned programme.
















THEN: Select from the following items and print-out or export as many as you wish the next time Word pulls one of those tricks on you


Keep on writing everyone……Sailing Ship



2 thoughts on “Musings on Writing- Don’t You Hate It When….3

  1. I’ve accumulated 5 “Musings on Writing” posts without commenting. It’s time. First, I do enjoy reading them even if I don’t have the same reactions to my own writing – it’s “fun” to learn that some writers take their drive to write in the same vein as Ahab took his revenge on Moby Dick. And speaking of, can I assume that the last image here is of the Pequod seeking the great white whale?
    As for “Word” I’ve refused to upgrade from the old standard Word 2002 which was probably the best one Microsuck ever presented to a befuddled world. For a more up-to-date word processor I use “Open Office” or “Libre Office” – both open source and free and quite well put together. For putting together basic text and ability to open all kinds of weird formats, nothing beats Edit Pad Lite – also free. The one “system” I really hate (though must admit they have brought it up to only 3 light years from human understanding) is “pdf” which in the vernacular is called “pretty damned f****d”. Their claim to be a stand alone document format may be true but once you’re “in” you can’t get “out.” Keep ’em coming Roger, I enjoy your cartoons and the NO MENTION of the “virus.”

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    • Glad you’ve enjoyed the whimsies Sha’ Tara.
      One day I found I had made a mammoth screw up in continuity on Vol III, managed to rectify it and that’s how the Musings started. So all about writing and the attendant trials, and it’s fun to trawl Google for images save them and then use them in or out of context as the mood takes me.
      Didn’t think about the juxta position of Ahab and the sailing ship. I just wanted an image of forging forth and thus the ship. Got ‘spot’ there.
      ‘pdf’s in our house are ‘Pud-duffs’ and are not liked very much, viewed as necessary evils.
      Micosnoot is obviously designed for business work and the programmers wouldn’t know a piece of literature unless it was converted into a code with power-point presentation, headers and footers and fffffrrib knows what else!

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