Join me as a guest on the QWERTY Writing Life podcast

Rachael’s blog is a valuable go to place for any writer be they starting, floundering (who doesn’t?), or generally eager to learn more.

Rachael Ritchey

I’m so thrilled that I was welcomed as a guest on the QWERTY Writing Life podcast, hosted by authors Joy E. Rancatore and Mea Smith. On this episode of their podcast for creatives we talked about finding creative balance and had a fun, candid talk about balancing creative pursuits with other work and parts of our lives.

We discussed what it looks like to balance creative pursuits and how to let creativity flow into other parts of our lives in positive ways. I discuss how I use my creative and artistic talents to help other writers as a business and what led me to incorporate that into my life.

As a bonus for National Poetry Month, a young poet also made an appearance on the podcast to talk about her own creative journey and publishing her first book of poetry.

QWERTY Writing Life Podcast can be found on:

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2 thoughts on “Join me as a guest on the QWERTY Writing Life podcast

    • It is indeed. Particularly when it comes to writing.
      There are many folk out there working away at their own projects. If they aren’t spreading hate, prejudice or making try to make a quick crude $ by nasty exploitation, well they deserve encouragement. Might not be my ‘scene’ but that doesn’t matter.


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