When ‘The Book’ Ensnares You. (A sort of an apology)

Well there I was starting the first re-write

Victorian writer

And naturally as is the way of things


found it wanting.

Learning to Live with ‘The First Draft’ and its Consequences.

So after the usual crisis of identity and the attendant ‘What Is the Point of It All’ 

Existential crisis

The entire work was dismantled



And started again




(I love a re-write; the plots are always so much better)

Anyway, this is an apology for tardiness in reading posts, replying and in general being Word Press Sociable

The Book has me in its grasp….





10 thoughts on “When ‘The Book’ Ensnares You. (A sort of an apology)

    • At a pace Sha’ Tara thank you.
      I am hoping to have the actual narrative tied up by the end of May (and thence the editing)
      Tearing down an entire story line because it is….blaah! . This seems to be my usual pattern can be quite a heady ride!
      Fitting in the pregnancy was a challenge, luckily the dry run with ‘Whinsome and Aureyborealice’ showed how a few ideas wouldn’t work.
      Balancing Karlyn with her ‘nobility’ past proved a fun by not having two quite separate identities but mixing them up as time went on.
      ‘The Guv’nor’ Silc was right about having misgivings in Trelli getting too close to their operations.
      The ‘Apocalypse Now, extreme prejudice’ part of the LifeGuard get a comeuppance, thanks to Trelli.
      Still have figured out if Emperor Loosiderue survives this book (the character is no help, he doesn’t seem to care either way- I think he’s got his eye on a better role with another author)
      Oh I love this kind of writing!

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      • It’s wonderful to read that you are enjoying the write/rewrite process. A lot of fun stuff and even serious stuff can suddenly appear in a serious edit. Looking forward to the finished product, Roger.

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      • Thanks Sha’ Tara….
        Me too. This will be the end of ‘The Girls’ prominence upon the scene. They have the good sense to know when they have pushed their skills and fortitude to the limit and also when they reckon they have earned their time away from the centre stage.


      • Glad to see Trelli got to use her great common sense and gifted powers. I did want to read a lot more about Karlyn’s other life and nobility ancestry. As for Loosie Goosie, I don’t even remember him at all. Have to re-read that soon to get back on track. Have fun with the trashing and re-write.

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      • ‘Loosie Goosie’ is strictly background for how screwed up the Empire and why some of the princes are going their way (politely).
        Karlyn’s previous identity was quite regal and at times haughty, but you will be pleased to know she was just a big a pain in the butt to those who deserved it.


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