Me? Who Me? Yes You…Shush!

So this was how the post starting

You’ll have to excuse me, some things have to be written, I could be mischievous and write them on FaceBook just to agitate one of the groups whose members want no for from life than to make the world known how righteously angry they are, and never mind what a tenuous grasp they have on facts or big pictures.

But my wife says I am not to do that anymore because I am doing it for all the wrong reasons. And as usual, she is right I wouldn’t be stating a case just being provocative. (I don’t know about you but FaceBook does that to me)”

And that was just the start.

And then I was fortunate enough to see this


When Nobility and Compassion Are There

So since on the previous day I was in full rant about the only language the EDL supporters understand is a crack on the head, I am now thoroughly ashamed of myself.

Thus I have ditched all my comments about the rights and wrongs of statues and the lessons of histories to all sides as it will just be ‘sounding off’ because I was in one of my moods and I was being……(Mild profanity warning)…….a bit of an asshat. And considering I claim I espouse Christianity and look to the Lord Jesus Christ also something of a hypocrite and will have some explaining to do when it’s my turn to stand up for judgement. (OK it might seem mild stuff by other standards but a sin is a sin…right?).

That is not to say the injustices, abuses and intolerances are to be ignored and walk away saying: ‘I’d best not get involved,’. Of course it is important to speak out, but violence of action  and language only makes things worse. I need to get my focus right during these turbulent times otherwise I am only contributing to the problem.

In the meantime I’ll work on my re-write, there are enough messages in there.

Take care everyone and win the discussion (not argument)


7 thoughts on “Me? Who Me? Yes You…Shush!

  1. Well said, Roger … and Sheila! However, for me there are some times when only a rant will do. I try to stay ‘uninvolved’ in Facebook ‘discussions’, because it’s a no-win situation. The antagonists only want to antagonize, not have a fact-based discussion. But, on my blog … sometimes I just have to rant.

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      • True! This is what I have tried to do in Volume III.
        One central character Arketre is by profession a trained soldier. When it comes to a battle scene, if (big IF) I have the balance right; one reader will see as Action, one will see a strong female character (without being a Marvel/DC type) and someone else will think ‘My God, is that what war does to you?’.


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