New scam – BEWARE!

Despite the inane and clumsy presentation this is still a threat.

Meeka's Mind

I found this email in my inbox last night:

I took a screenshot and deleted personal stuff so you could see what it looks like.

Firstly, how did I know this was a scam? Simple – I don’t use Microsoft OneDrive. I have NEVER used OneDrive.

Next, if you look at the email sender it says:


Not even a hint of Microsoft anywhere. ‘mail.onedrive’ is a domain that has nothing to do with Microsoft. [When you register a domain, no one else can use it. But there is nothing to stop someone from registering a domain that ‘hints’ at belonging to a well known company].

And finally, do you see the big, red ‘YOU’? I put that in to highlight the poor grammar used in the body of the email. You won’t always find poor grammar, but when you do, it’s a dead giveaway. Whoever set up this scam…

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12 thoughts on “New scam – BEWARE!

  1. I read Andrea’s post last night … good share, Roger … people need to be aware. I just with these scammers put as much effort into actually earning a living or doing good for the world as they put into stealing. Sigh.

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  2. Scam artists have always existed, particularly among the elites for that is how they get there. The internet and technology have just made it easier for a whole lot more stupid wannabes to jump on the band wagon and try their luck with the gullible, from Bill Gates on down to the one your post alludes to.

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    • History shows that with every new means of communication there will be those ready to trap the gullible.
      We laud the arrival of the printing press.
      It also gave rise to the notorious pamphlets, the original ancestor of the Internet Media post.
      All of us need to remember just because it is there before our eyes, written and with a ‘message’ it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘it is so’.

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