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So it’s time for a demonstration and you can be sure someone will trot out their little V for Vendetta Mask for all the world to see what  bold street-marching revolutionary they are

V for Vendetta

I wonder if it ever occurs to anyone in love with this image, they are celebrating a fanatical religious fundamentalist who wanted to blow up a representative (sort of) Parliament  which was a check on King and Church and replace it with an authoritarian theocracy?

I doubt it.

That’s the thing about reading too much history, it does incline to strip away a lot of the romance we all do like hide in.

Or am I being a ‘boomer’ (whatever the heck that is supposed to truly mean… not a lot I suspect)?


20 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. I quite agree. That movie gave a generation of people a warped idea about Guy Fawkes. I tried to watch it several times over the years (I’m a big Natalie Portman fan), and each time got so irritated I had to turn it off mid-way. I did finally manage to watch it and write a review of it earlier this year, in which I went on so long complaining about every detail that many loyal readers grew fed up with my endless griping and didn’t finish reading it. 😀 (It’s here if you’re interested: )

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    • Thanks.
      I promptly high-tailed it over to the post, read it, liked it and left a comment.
      The film and graphic is ok if you’re doing a Robin Hood, or Zorro or Batman or Star Wars sort of film, but in the real world…Spare me!
      And don’t anyone try and pull the ‘Yes but an analogy’ shtick on me, I’ll only go all Animal Farm on them.
      And this….

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    • These days I have an inbuilt suspicion of a people’s ‘romantic past’ and ‘fight for freedom’. Thre is often an undercurrent of backstabbing, infighting and brutality shared out in equal mesaure on all sides, and once the ‘fight for freedom’ is one, woe betide any minorities left on the wrong side of the borders of the ‘liberted lands’ (And then there is a big fall out between the ‘freedom’ fighters and you geta civil war)

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      • Roger, as the great philosopher and piano man, Billy Joel, once sang, “The good ole’ days weren’t always good and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”

        Yesterday, I caught the tail end of a women’s advocate. She noted she joined the movement as she was stereotyped within the Vietnam protest movement. So, to your point, she felt discriminated against within an altruistic movement to stop the war.

        The other thing she said that I found interesting is I do not advocate all the time, that would be tiresome. I never caught her name as I had to get out of my car.

        Take care, Keith

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      • Some times you can some it up like this:
        ‘Normally I can’t stand hypocrisy, but in my case there were extenuating circumstances,’.
        One of the saddest ones for the generations born in the mid 1940s to 1950s was the amount of twaddle, hypocrisy, narrow-mindedness, ignorance, sexism, back-biting and egotism swilling around in the ‘counter-culture movements’.(that’s before we get around to the snake oil merchants)
        I could break a few hearts if I was to mention the true inspiration behind one of the famous anthems of the 1960s.

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      • Roger. I just noticed there is a very comical omission of a phrase above.. It should say “I caught the tail end of an interview with a women’s advocate. That is indeed a faux pas. Keith

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      • Y’know Keith, here’s an interesting point.
        Until you mentioned it, I did not notice the omission, I ‘saw’ the word there.
        I daresay a behavioural psychologist could explain the phenomenon.


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  3. Funny thing, in the email version of your post it says “am I being too “woke” and I had to look up what that word meant. In this version, it says “am I being a “boomer”. Is there a connection of sorts between these two words? As for “V” I like the movie as science fiction, not as either history or romance. What spoils it is too many impossible scenarios in the story. OK if you don’t start thinking too much. That near ending with the people in masks marching? Would never happen except perhaps in some alternate reality that would have to be carefully developed and explained as the story progressed. Out of 10, maybe a 4 for the entertainment aspect- I’m feeling generous. File it with “The Matrix”…

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    • Ah.
      I changed it from ‘woke’ to ‘boomer’, when I remembered the run in I had on Facebook last year with some short attention span merchant….He lost.
      Yeah Vendetta in both book and film just don’t stand up to anything like scrutiny.
      Imagine in a totalitarian state. Some guys get bumped off, so another bunch of opportunists take the reins (reigns?) because they know the system.
      Oh look a bunch of folk are marching about wearing masks….
      Deploy the riot police, water cannon, break out the cs gas, rubber bullets, call up our rent-a-mob thugs for a counter demonstration of the ‘true’ people of the state.
      The whole thing was an insult to those who in the real world take on states with nothing but their courage and a campaigning spirit.
      PS: The great injustice of The Matrix was no reference was given to James Gunn’s ‘The Joy Makers’ (1961) from which the film’s creators lifted the whole ‘body in a container dreaming dreams’ thing

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