Dignity…At All Times Dignity (Or how to deal with a writing idea being by Chance & Fate…torpedoed)

Foreword….. Take this seriously or with a snigger I don’t mind. Though actually the event has happened to me….. this year…….no kiddin’

I swear on a pile of Brandon Sanderson & Joe Abercrombie books I was not even aware of the author, never mind their books, nor their characters. Nevertheless by chance, one day I find in their (A) Published, popular, and audio booked Fantasy novel with (B) Two female characters in a romantic relationship (C) That one has the same name (apart from one letter) as the pet name one of my characters has for another.

There is only one way to deal with this.

Return the The Bard

Stage directions:

(A sparse stage, ill-lit. There is a table, upon which is a laptop. The character is sitting there in serious contemplation, occasionally steepling their hands, fingers to lips. After a few moments they stand walk away from the table to soliloquy.)

Ah which Muse should I address?


Was it you grave Melpomene?

Who watched while treacherous Coincidence

Did weave its grim web

As I forged on unaware.

Did you then say unto yourself

‘Ah this must be not uncovered yet

There must be more years of toil

Before Discovery is made and anguish sung

Let Tragedy’s grim banner be unfurled’

Yet I cannot be angry with you,

For truly this is the stuff of your elements

To see Folks’ efforts laid waste or questionable

By one small crack in the edifice of their efforts

Therein lies your Art.

The warning to all who read or observe

The products of your scribes.


Or was it you mischievous Thalia?

Ever eager to be seeking circumstances

Which you can display to your worshippers

That they might laugh at another Comedy.

For you have no concern as would your sister.

For you the bright music of hoots and brays

As your congregations sing those raucous sounds

In praise of your sundered and sly deeds.

Aye one person’s misfortune

Another person’s reason to laugh.

Beware chortler that you are not next

For Thalia cares not for why the merriment flows.


How thus should therefore this be judged?

That a writer in all inventive innocence

Should when inspired, ascribe to one character a name

Built on a theme of tender love between two

And taken from the antics of a woodland animal,

Thence find by cruel luck there is another writer

One who has a higher profile than the first

To have gifted one character in similar circumstances

A name so similar save for but one letter?


Had I not been in a mood of idling repose,

Wandering through myriad literary offering,

I would have remained in blissful ignorance of this

Yet now, Dread Knowledge clings about my creativity

Like the chains upon the wretched prisoner.


Ah me. Should I betray the trust of two fond folk,

Characters who are as familiar to me as friends

Should I change what is illustrated as a bond of love

Just to dodge some nebulous charge of Plagiarism?


I say Nay!

Away with this.

I should not likely cross paths with the other writer.

I work within the small, corners of obscurity

And for once take comfort in them.

I will not betray my folk

For the chance that someone having read one

Might read my work and in some emotion

Cry out ‘Forgery! Duplication!’


I care not.

I have my own records.

Let them show my invention was mine alone.

And so. Away with thee small, snivelling temptation

I will not fall into humble line.

Let, she who was named by her love,

In sweet embrace and joyous time

Forever remain to her beloved.



4 thoughts on “Dignity…At All Times Dignity (Or how to deal with a writing idea being by Chance & Fate…torpedoed)

  1. Weird coincidences like this happen all the time. Like the movies “Ghost” and “Truly, Madly, Deeply” sharing a similar premise and being released at the same time. With so much fiction being written, it’s inevitable. Don’t let it get you down–she is, and will always be, “Kitlin”

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for those words of support. She will indeed.
      You hear and read about these things but when they happen…..Like, freaky, man.
      I wrote that though with tongue in my cheek. Sometimes the urge to write a piece in the style of Shakespeare comes upon me and it’s so much fun, any excuse will do.
      Thanks again

      Liked by 1 person

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