Post-Completion Gliding

Autumn is a good time to complete a book upon which I had but one certain intention and that was a feel-good happy ending. In my part of the world when as season grows there is a stillness settling in.

What is done, is done, time to reflect on accomplishments and what may be ahead

In my case, this will be waiting for the cover and Kindling away. Then re-editing and nudging at Volumes I & II so the whole fits together.

I have been posting on this and normally I would enter a link but Word Press seems currently incapable of doing this once simple act……

So to move on to another related topic.

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of sticking with your writing. Once you have reached the stage where you can admit to yourself that you wish to write, be it to name a few: fact, fiction, observations, poetry, then you should strive to continue, otherwise you will forever be unsettled. Of course not for everyone the writing path, however once a writer, embrace this with a resolve and an intention to write.

There is this theme which surfaces which suggests the only writing worth anything is the writing read by noticeable numbers of readers. And of course we would all like to have a large audience. Sometimes though this is not to be, there will be a variety of reasons and I will not try and list them, for doing that can be misinterpreted that these reasons are actually shortcomings on the writer’s behalf. This reasoning is flawed. Throughout History making one’s views known has always been a struggle, be it because of status, lack of resources and in this day and age the fact that the Public Place is awash with Ways & Means to announce, preach, amuse, inform, misinform and so on. Getting known is difficult, competitive as well; in this there are shallow folk who achieve this by being notorious or outrageous and when you analyse it nothing else and that’s commercially driven because these attention getters are another source of revenue for the Media Systems who are only too happy to use them, until they get too toxic, then bye-bye Yesterday’s Clown.

To return then to the clearer air of writing just Because. Recognition is nice and should not be avoided, but it should not be the measuring stick. The important facet, the very centre of your reason to write, is simply:

You write because you want to

Beyond that, all is consequence. You may attract readership, you may not. You may remain a writer in the shadows, one of millions. Yet what is wrong with this? A brief scan at any Cosmology site will reveal unto you, breath-takingly vast numbers of galaxies which each, themselves contain numbers of stars so vast as to be beyond normal comprehension. And if you are fortunate to be somewhere not bothered by light-pollution you will glimpse a fraction of those stars.

Thus shine on You Writer. One star in the firmament. No matter what else, you are there, and your light is part of a glorious patchwork of Human Creativity.


5 thoughts on “Post-Completion Gliding

    • It does indeed.
      Three Volumes of a feel-good, action, romance fantasy 600,000.
      Heck I feel so very good about the whole thing.
      Chances of its selling….
      Not much.
      But I did it!!
      (Vol III Final draft available on pdf by e-mail)


    • Hi Sha Tara. Talking about your request…sure only too happy to. Warning again, it’s a biggie 230,000 + I just have to align chapters again. Should be ready this UK evening 6pm UK BST.
      By the bye, as I was replying to your request, suddenly Word (a-hole) Press said it was spam. I then spent 10mins trying to find where the (very bad word) the cyber-idiots had put Spam, when I found it I slammed down on the box ‘Not Spam’….and then they lost the whole thing.
      Some folk might think this is part of an evil plan….after all my years in the UK Civil Service and working against Word my reaction was ‘Good Lord God. Please send us computer programmers and their managers who live in the ordinary world’ (actually it was more ‘Full Metal Jacket’ but I thought this was more dignified)

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