Another Cause for Celebration

20th January 2021. The majority of Americans along with the vast majority of the population of the world celebrated the descending of an oaf followed by the inauguration of a person worthy to be called President of the United States of America.

Much, the overwhelming wealth being favourable has been written, and so it should be. I have said my piece(s) on the matter, therefore let me turn to another cause which can be celebrated on a smaller scale but celebrated nonetheless.

Two folk I call WP-friends (WP- Word Press) are intending to collaborate on a writing project. This is their first attempt and they are naturally hesitant. The fact they are going to try is something to be applauded, and our community of writers should encourage this and wish them well in their endeavour.

I understand they are a measure reticent because they perceive there are far better writers than themselves and thus dare they take this step? To which my reply is.

‘Oh don’t you worry about those perceptions. You may be told these are better writers and you may believe they are better writers, however those very writers you look up to, if they are true to the very spirit of their art should be the first to insist you write and should support you,’

After all Writing is its own universe. There are myriads of subjects, told in a wealth of styles for a host of reasons and in consequence a whole celestial dynamic for creation. (Sadly there are the hacks, hate-mongers and opportunists who produce dire dross and poison to spread tawdry thrills, intolerance, oppression and cruelty-away with them).

Each person or team who has a genuine pure wish to write for the pleasure, edification and, let us be honest, entertainment of the reader should not feel there is something less about their work. They have as much entitlement as any to gather together their images, feelings, ideas and motivation to forge into words. We who have spent many years on this path know the road is long, hard and demands attention. The rewards will probably be scant and the recognition might well minimal. Yet these are simply all parts of the writer’s life, or call it ‘lot’. You should write because you want to and can. True there are many worthy tracts and places to go for information on how to ‘market’, but you should not be thinking of those at the onset. To write is to be the primary thought.

Strive on then, you latest additions to the community. Work, and work again until you are looking upon the completed task, then put it out into the Reading Universe, and you can then sit back and say:

‘It is there. We have declared our work. It now belongs to The Ages,’


9 thoughts on “Another Cause for Celebration

    • My pleasure Jill.
      When it comes to folk wanting to write but are not sure I can be positively evangelical in preaching to them.
      I left names out because I did not have your joint permission and it is earlier days for you guys to ponder and get your direction.
      Go for it.
      Make me proud.

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      • I was hoping to reblog this post tonight as rather an ‘announcement’ of mine & Jeff’s project, but Jeff wanted to hold back for a bit, so I didn’t. But, soon, I hope. We are back to brainstorming and tossing out ideas, after the hiatus for the holidays and then the chaos that occupied most of our time in January. So … stay tuned! And thank you so much for your confidence in us … it has helped me to get back on track.

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    • As long as it’s not a work promoting Hate, Intolerance, Abuse and Ignorance (in any combination) I’m behind that writer urging them on.
      Someone tells me they are writing and the urge to encourage by emulating old non-conformist ‘pregethwr’ comes out in me.
      Ie !


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