13th February 2021. A Day That Will Live in Infamy


Happy republican elephant. PNG - JPG and vector EPS (infinitely

Oh, don’t fuss so, it’s only a scrap of paper.




Republican Presidents

So it’s come to this. We are so sorry USA.

Malmedy Massacre

Malmedy 1944. They died for …..this??? Trump impeachment: Senate falls short of majority needed to convict – BBC News

God may forgive you Republicans, I sure as Hell won’t!!


12 thoughts on “13th February 2021. A Day That Will Live in Infamy

  1. Thank you, dear Roger … for caring. I saw this post, laid my head against the back of my desk chair, and cried. Rather the precursor of howling at the moon, I think. It has been a dark day in our country … again, thank you for caring so much.

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  2. Thanks Roger. Many things struck me, but the one that told the story is how consistently the seditious former president planted the seed that the election was going to be stolen months before the vote. What he did after the election was predicted and predictable.

    Here is a note I wrote to our blogging friend Scottie:

    We can only control things in our power. I suggest we consistently refer to the former president, not by name. Here are the ones I have gravitated toward:

    the former president is the easiest instead of his name
    the twice impeached former president adds accuracy and length
    the traitorous former president is apt and shorter
    the seditious former president is also true.

    The seditious former president was not convicted, but many senators took the path of cowardice and said it was due to unconstitutionality as an attempt to save face. I was particularly unsurprised by McConnell’s words of condemnation AFTER the vote, as he tried to play both sides. His words were appreciated, but were late and typical McConnell. Keith

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    • I read the news ‘breaking’ at 9.30pm GMT; our ‘last night’ and despaired.
      McConnell has played a rather sly dancing game, which rather than astute has been transparent and does him no credit. No doubt he will be classed as a ‘traitor’ by the MAGA.
      The idea of not mentioning his name is to be applauded.
      I personally I refer to the ‘Previous Occupant of The Whitehouse’ as he broke his oath to uphold the constitution and never, ever attempted to unite the USA, never was he a president.
      Thus Joe Biden is 45th President of the USA.
      Take care Keith


  3. It makes you scream at the total hypocrisy… The US’s standing on democracy and justice has fallen short because of the cowarcise of a few I think.
    I hope you’re keeping good Roger 🙂

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    • How very true Simon. They are letting the nation divide up as it did in the years prior to the Civil War, only this time the divide is not regional, it’s social which is harder to heal, if that is possible.
      It is an odd sensation to look at Boris Johnson and think to myself ‘Y’know, it could be worse,’
      We’re ok here, thanks. Dealing with lock-down in the British style of ‘getting on with it’ . I put out the final edition of volume I of my trilogy and am now having fun with a less than serious marketing campaign on WP.
      How you are doing in your neck of the woods Simon. 😀


      • Yes that’s the thing isn’t it. The social divide created won’t help easily and that’s the same over there as well caused by the idiot Boris
        I need to look up your books I have to say.
        I’m doing ok, getting by. But I can’t lie, is hard keeping motivation.

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      • The salutary thing is I view the antics of Trump and the results. Then I look at Boris and think ‘There are worse than Boris,’ and that is freaky!

        Thanks for the interest in the Books..
        Volume 1 is finally done and dusted and extracts are on Amazon Kindle… Also I set up another site solely about the World and characters in the books:
        Volume 2 is under re-editing and Volume 3 awaits its cover.

        Yeah I can see how motivation would be a problem. This is kind of world people used to write about in SF & Fantasy, the sort of low key gradual change in society (The Joy Makers by James Gunn did something along those lines only in a different direction). It’s hard for a lot of folk to adapt to and work within.
        Because we are retired and low profile anyway, we just concentrate on our writing and health issues; though thinking back to our younger years (1970s ‘Me’ culture & Then 1980s Thatcher) we can relate to the ‘drag’ factor.
        Keep on keeping on, even if it’s just one step at a time-
        Best wishes


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