Showcasing Indian Social Justice Initiative TalkwithSana

The Human Lens

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to readers of The Human Lens a special post featuring this initiative.

Sana Khan was born in India and is an IT Engineer by profession. She has been successfully running a blog site since a couple of years and her writing work involves covering crucial social issues, gender matters, rights of Muslim women and Islamophobia.She’s currently working and living in Belgium.

The Human Lens author had a very pleasurable meeting in person with Sana during the EU tour!

2019 Holland – Sana Khan With Saadia Haq

She has recently launched her YouTube channel cthat releases videos in Urdu and English languages on a weekly basis.

TalkwithSana focuses on human lives and especially brings to forefront mental health issues and the taboos surrounding problems such as depression, mindful thinking, compassion and finding solutions for people from all walks of life.

Look for…

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