Harken to these words folks.

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Work with what you’ve got, keep an eye out for more, and after you’ve double-checked (maybe triple-checked) you’ve put in an honest effort, wait for the next opportunity.

Often, “working with what you’ve got” is dismissed as settling for less, but I disagree.  I believe the approach I’ve outlined is that of the self reliant problem-solver, open to letting their creativity alert them to new opportunity after they’ve performed their due diligence.  I’ve benefitted multiple times from unexpected positive repercussions, all due to “working with what I’ve got.”

The other approach—the all-or-nothing, never settle for less than exactly what I want—is often used by those with the mentality of a spoiled prince, unwilling to weave the threads of opportunity into the rope he desires.

Well those threads will be woven nonetheless, into an inescapable restraint made of regret and remorse.

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