Musings on Writing (Another series). Important Reactions to Use on Suitable Occasions

At All Times: Ah! I gotta write that down now!

On Reading ‘That Latest Best Seller’ : Yeah. It’s alright. Quite good really. Mind you, if I was writing it……. 

On Reading ‘Another’ Book in ‘That Genre’: Oh for Pity’s sake! Not again! I can do better…in fact I will.

When receiving a rejection letter: Like those editors and agents who turned down The Harry Potter books…..You’ll be sorry.

When reading a bad review: What the…. (Full Metal Jacket) do you know?. Go and write your own (More Full Metal Jacket) book.

When receiving a good review:

On Noticing Very Few Sales: It’s a sleeper. Just wait. In twenty years time.

When Doing The Re-Write: Stupid ‘WORD’, I’ll decide what is a correct choice of words. And add ‘that ‘to Dictionary willya! 

Also When Doing Re-Write: Oh Dearest Muse of Continuity, watch over this fuddled and woebegone writer. 

And When Assailed by Doubt, Naysayers and Lack of Success

Through tarmac


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