Taliban TakeOver: Afghan Women Media Reporting Live

Do not forget.

The Human Lens

As the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is completed, the local women media have resumed their work and displayed an tremendous amount of bravery and courage in reporting the situation from inside their country. Earlier on Sunday, the news channel ToloNews also saw the female newspersons back into action and broadcasts wit female presenters commenced.

The ToloNews official social media accounts have confirmed that they have resumed their broadcasting with photos of women reporters doing their work in the studios, the newsrooms and on the streets.

Unlike what happened decades ago, during the Taliban regime all women in public were ousted and deliberately forced to stay indoors, however it looks like the new media policy of the new Taliban regime is likely to impose harsh hard lining measures and discrimination against women.

As said, pre U.S invasion in 2001, the Taliban had imposed a very strict code of Sharia by effectively…

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