Getting to know Characters- Arketre

As Daughters of Circumstances. Arbiters of Consequences,  Volume III of my trilogy The Precipice Dominions draws closer to its final edit Matt, the artist who carried out the evocative cover of Volume II Our Skirmishers of Lace, Steel and Fire has started work on the latest volume for me. Here is Arketre, even with just a few simple lines of a sketch he has brought her character.

Arketre by Matt

Never mind the contents, the cover is going to be worth any outlay! (0.99 whatevers)

Another reason why I just love the writing process.


6 thoughts on “Getting to know Characters- Arketre

    • The incredible facet is Matt picked all this up from a 30 minute conversation we had over all three major characters. Just as I imagined Arketre (in her more thoughtful mode that is).
      So pleased that read she resonates with you. (Arketre is a tribute to Every Soldier that didn’t really want to be ‘there’, but ‘was’)

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