Thinking about and hoping for Jill Dennison -Filosofa’s Word

As many of you may know Jill has not been in the best of health in recent times. I e-mailed our battling girl the other day, and sadly she is still in hospital suffering with serious heart and kidney issues.

She gave me permission to post this up-date so in her words  “as many of our mutual blogging buddies know what is happening”

As I’ve outlined she is quite unwell and can only manage short messages, but I am guessing will appreciate messages of support and concern.

We all know Jill for her ceaseless battles against political irresponsibility, sheer opportunism and downright hate.

I think I speak for us all, when I write how much we already miss those delightful Monday morning compilations of cartoons, captions, photos and cute videos; along with the adventures of Jolly and Joyful which start the week so well.

And although always ready with a well-aimed tirade against some deserving target or another, Jill has also been there to remind us there are folk who are working so hard to make the world a better place with her Wednesday slot of Good People Doing Good Things.

Let us all give some time in the day to turn our thoughts to Jill Dennison, her family and ‘moggies’, and for those of you in the USA, for her sake don’t give up the fight, the rest of us around the world have got your backs.

Let’s hear it for Jill then and put your own posts up in support of her 

Keep on keeping on kid, you’re a true American patriot 


6 thoughts on “Thinking about and hoping for Jill Dennison -Filosofa’s Word

  1. Roger, thanks for the update. I was unaware that her challenges had gotten more serious. Jill, I will send a note, but take care of yourself and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your words, wit and insight are missed. Keith

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  2. In the grand scheme of things it is of little importance that I have just become your 186th follower. Had I been a follower on the 15th I would have been relieved, though no less worried, to receive and read this post. As I was not, I just received it today after it was forwarded from Jill herself…now home from the hospital! So, my appreciation is not so much for the included information regarding the status of Jill’s health but rather for the lovely tribute to our one and only Filosofa. Thank-you!

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    • Thank you Ellen. It was my privilege to write of Jill.
      That’s hopeful new that Jill is home from hospital, we will all keep wishing and hoping for her. She is a fighter and the bane of more than a few of those we will not speak of.
      Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing Mondays and Good People Doing Good Things once more in the near future.
      ✊ Keep on keeping on Jill.


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