The 1337 Notification and a subsequent journey.

Yesterday, or maybe the day before yesterday (that’s the quirk with blogging to a potentially world-wide audience- time difference and when a person reads your post ,you never truly know ‘When’ you are talking to someone). WP announced I had 1337 likes. Total likes for the entire blog are not my interest, singular numbers themselves are. Going through my head was ‘Yeah 50, 100, 250 and various signature numbers, but 1337? What’s the reason. What is someone in WP trying to tell this less than enthusiastic about Social Media fellow?’ Time to delve into something which countless thousands probably already know.

The first place I was drawn to was Numerology. When I was a moody 19 going on 20 and looking for a suitable façade to construct, there was some dabbling. It appealed to the scientific side of me. After all you had to admit there was a great deal of maths in the way the Universe is arranged from top to bottom. Thus it could be argued Numerology had a stronger case than say Astrology, but since I didn’t want to get into a fight with any astrologists I was friendly with that thought was kept unto myself. Anyway the practicalities of married life and parenthood shoved the subject into Filed Away memories. However 1337 as a WP stat. Now that simply begged for a checking out in a Numerological significance.

As suspected putting ‘Numerology’ and ‘1337’ together in search, recorded a swift number of hits. Basically in Numerological terms. 1337 is one of the Angel Numbers. It is a message from your angels that you are being commended and applauded for your efforts as your successes are inspiring. Now I am not going to pass any mocking or sardonic comments, that would be tacky, cheap and pretty mean, we all have our beliefs. Anyway my response in the context of my search was ‘Ah. Interesting. Is someone at WP tuned into this belief system and thought it an inspiring way for bloggers to Keep on Keeping on?’  Frankly I could think of worse ways for WP to spend its time (but that’s for another post). When you analyse that possibility in relation to the basic nature of ‘Likes’ on a WP post, achieving 1337 ‘Likes’ is quite encouraging. A ‘keeper. then? 

But in our frenetic Social Media world are there other meanings to 1337?  Another scroll down and yes, though in this case I suggest the numerological term has seeped into a more common usage. Thus 1337 in slang means “extremely skilled ” at gaming or computing or, more generally, “awesome.”, which let’s be brutal has not the same universal appeal as having a message from angels. Now if this blog were visited by a vast audience I would not dare use those last words because it would only start a furious debate between at least two viewpoints over validity of use and origin. Someone would also point out that ‘1337’ as ‘awesome’ is not the sole preserve of computer/gaming aces, and can be used in any field of human interaction. You’ve seen this sort of event played out on Social Media over and over again. 

Any whoever within WP decided to use 1337 as a number to congratulate a person on a measure of attainment, well ‘sort of Mission Accomplished’. Whereas I cannot be any stretch claim to have broken ‘The Code’ at least I learned something.

Double plus good, I reckon.



And in other news…..

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8 thoughts on “The 1337 Notification and a subsequent journey.

  1. I’ve been blogging for 12 years and, I’m sure, have gotten ‘liked’ more than 1337 times, but have never rec’d such congratulations from WP. Maybe it’s because I use the free WP and you pay for the ad-free WP?

    Liked by 1 person

      • Well it’s numerologists they will have to answer to. 😀That divinatory art can go very deep. There are whole pages on the net analysing the break down of numbers like 1337 into its components of 1,3,3 & 7.
        I wonder if anyone else has had a recent congratulation on having 1337 likes 🤔?
        Or have I been selected for some secret message?…If so they picked the wrong guy, wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it.


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