5 Days of Marketing… Well, That Was Interesting

Firstly, there was nothing new in the option, process, call it what you will. Books uploaded on Kindle and as a Promotion Option select a number of days…Free. I’ve taken that pathway before and notched up maybe 10, 15 tops on each occasion, and no reviews, the latter is understandable, more about that later.

This time I decided ‘What The Heck’ and put the whole trilogy up as Free, to summarise for those new hereabouts:

Of Patchwork WarriorsSkirmishersthe-gilrs-in-yermetz-in-finality

The results were, to repeat……interesting. Now maybe it was the chance to snap up an entire trilogy for nothing or maybe it was the stunning art work on Vol 2 & 3 by Matthew David Sharpe See FaceBook or Odiousrule on Instagram. It certainly was not my haphazard, chaotic, sometimes barely visible Marketing stratagems. Anyway as of today 1st November 2021 at 08:54 GMT the totals are 2 sold and 110 taken up for free. Well that was different. I’m not certain of the breakdowns because neither figure divide into 3, and there are various permutations: Taking up the whole trilogy; opting for Volume 1 as a tester; taking Volume 2 and/or 3 to get the full set. Who knows?

Of course there always have to be perspectives on these matters. A noticeable take-up on a free offer, does not signify the beginnings of a writing success; you have to be practical and consider the paring down. Not everyone who picks up a free book will read it, not everyone who intends to read a book free or purchased gets around to reading it straight away; (I have five sitting in my Kindle and have given myself strict orders to read them, no excuses); not everyone who reads a book even if they like it finds time to rate or review; not everyone who takes the time to place a review is going to complete the book and the review within but two weeks and finally not everyone who breaches those previous ‘nots’ is going to be kind about the business. To name but three Brandon Sanderson, George R. R. Martin and Joe Abercrombie may get 5,000 to 15,000 ratings with 80% 5 star and many positive reviews but not everyone is at their standard or has that sort of following. Thus the sense of perspective is vital to avoid any crashing disappointments, just file the whole event in the ‘Interesting’ category and see if anything else comes of ‘The October 2021 Initiative’.  

This, therefore, is not a post of the sort which suggests ‘A Way’ . No, this is nothing more than one writer recording an event which was, and it cannot be stressed enough, …’interesting’ (in a modest way of course). I will of course follow the progress, what author wouldn’t? But will only report back my findings at the end of 2021. Did this ‘interesting’ pick up have any profitable (not in terms of monetary gain) results? Who knows?

Meanwhile back to reading, jotting down notes for a Space Opera SF, which may or may not see the light of day. As maybe writing up more on the trilogy of its own little blog 

The Precipice Dominions

It does need up-dating.


8 thoughts on “5 Days of Marketing… Well, That Was Interesting

    • It’s an arcane business Simon which appears to take as much preparation to detail as a small satellite launch. Some folk appear to suggest marketing as soon as you start writing. Since I was writing fantasy it was just a case of casting the runes.
      Anyway, thanks for the luck, since it will involve messing about with Quantum Physics luck will be useful!

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  1. I’ve got nothing too useful to say, Roger other than I buy a lot of e-books but end up reading few. I rarely go for free books as I feel the author should at least get something, and they/we get little enough at 0.99 or 1.99 sterling, dollar, euro (nowadays all much the same). I think I’ve sold one book this year and less than 30 in the previous year of publication – I was very fortunate to have no costs, my manuscript being picked up by a small indie publisher I got to know through blogging, but I feel guilt though that he is so out of pocket, as most indies are, and it’s getting worse. I think it’s a mindset thing induced by the pandemic, a need for familiarity, for reading what you always felt you should but never did – it the same with blogs – I read few posts nowadays and write even less. Strange times, Roger – or maybe it’s just me!

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    • Hi Eric.
      Just found this in Spam- which had been moribund for months then then my site took a hit and your reply was swept up in the purge.
      I do the ‘free thing’ just……. because…. Maybe it’s something left over from my teenage years music being played for free, or maybe I am the equivalent of a street performer. Who knows? Anyway since it’s all Kindled there’s nothing to lose. The stories would not let me rest, nor the characters….well its completed and I’m kind of at rest, for the present. It was a sort of ‘let’s get this completed and out there, because at 70 and with Covid, y’ never know’- not in a morbid way, but after six years this could not be the ‘great unfinished’.
      It’s very tough though for the indie authors and publishers. My wife writes poetry and is more structured than I am on the publishing side, so there’s her insight too.
      Just keep keeping on, as you can, when you can. It’s the best we can do.
      Good wishes to you Eric,

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      • Thank you Eric.
        Yes I agree. The oddity of Life. At a time when one is supposed to slowing down into a daily quiet routine there comes this sudden burst to fill up Life with those things incomplete.
        We embrace ‘keeping on’.

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    • Thanks for buying a copy Audrey.
      I can well understand that a review would be a long time coming.😀 This is the longest of the three. Supporting characters come, go, come back again and have their own time ‘on stage’. Arketre, Karlyn and Trelli spend a fair amount of the narrative criss-crossing and ‘going solo’ before their final uniting.
      I do hope it entertains you.
      Thanks again for all your help and encouragement.

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