How dare you?

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How dare you
Wave the flag of Freedom
Over your head…
Crying over rights
You never lost,
Liberties never taken.
You claim to fight
A tyranny that
Doesn’t exists, and
Stomp on the
Very bases of democracy…
How dare you say
You represent
Our country’s might?
Just because
You speak louder,
Doesn’t mean that you’re right!

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9 thoughts on “How dare you?

      • I’m doing somewhat better, but still far below where I’d like to be. It’s been a comedy of errors trying to do what needs to be done … holidays and winter weather. Still, I’m able to do a bit around the house now, so I don’t feel quite as useless. I’ve missed you and yes, you’ve missed a bunch of posts on Filosofa’s Word … I’ve been publishing 1-2 every day! Has WordPress stopped sending you notifications? That happened to David last year and he had to ‘follow’ me again. I dunno what WP has against me that it keeps taking my followers away, but I wish it wouldn’t! Here’s a link to my latest, and from there you can find any others you might wish to peruse:

        Glad to know you’re okay … I was about to either email Sheila or send Joyful!

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      • Screaming socks WP what are you about?????
        No Jill didn’t get one, at all 😤.
        I ran down to your site; put in follow and WP had the gall to say ‘You are already following’, I resisted the urge to respond to its Happiness Engineers, as that would not have been a polite message.
        As a back up I’ve put your post in my favourites so that I can double-check…
        everyday. As my good friend Karlyn would say ‘WP You need a kick in the old gazongas!’

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      • And meanwhile, I got a notification from WP that you are now following my blog! They may have grown so big that the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing! They do, indeed, need a swift kick in the gazongas!!!

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