IWD2022 -Aurat March Pakistan Manifesto

The struggle for Freedom is always world-wide.

The Human Lens

As the world gears up for the global action for the International Women Day, March 8, here are few highlights from Aurat March organization’s activities in the country.

Ahead of the IWD2022, Aurat March Lahore organization released their manifesto on Twitter and this year theme is “Reimagining Justice” or “Asal Insaaf”.

They call upon the Pakistani society at large and the State to reimagine legal, economic and environmental justice along the lines for gender equality.

This feature will focus on the manifesto and charter of demands for 2022. Here are some of the excerpts including:

1. Radical, structural reform of the justice system should be undertaken instead of superficial gender representation, such as the mere integration of more women or gender minorities into structurally patriarchal policing and judicial systems.

2. Survivor-centric welfare institutions receive more funding and are strengthened to provide shelter, housing, healthcare, economic and psycho-social services to survivors…

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