Treatment Of Domestic Workers In Malaysia

Suffering comes in many forms. As individuals we cannot be everywhere, but we can at least be aware.

The Human Lens

The issue of maltreatment of foreign workers in Malaysia has time and again made it to international headlines. In the absence of proper laws governing the working conditions of domestic workers, from abuses including sexual harassment, non-payment of wages, and poor conditions, the situation has continued to deteriorate.

According to the Human Rights Watch, Malaysia is home to significant large number of “house maids” mostly from neighboring country Indonesia. They are forced to work 18-hour days, seven days a week, and many a times denied their salaries.

Recently the Indonesian government raised its concern of the abusive treatment of its nationals that are employed in Malaysia as domestic workers in harsh conditions.

Among the complaints include the issue of employers abusing their domestic workers by denying them proper rest and sleep time, stalling their salaries and kept inbound house and not being allowed to contact their families and leave the…

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