Call For Action On#GirlsInICT Day

The Human Lens

On 25 April, UN Women is joining girls around the world to mark the International Girls in ICT Day, drawing attention to the critical need for more girls and women in the ICT sector.

This special day aims to celebrate and highlight the crucial need to promote technology career opportunities for girls and women on a global scale in the world’s fastest growing sector.

It is also a day that honors and celebrates the active participation, activism and tech related genius of women as tech leaders, start-up brain child and innovators that work in their communities amidst many challenges and obstacles.

With technology playing a role in all kinds of careers, from art and history to law, primary teaching and graphic design, learning tech skills at a young age will set girls up for economic independence.

And, the ICT sector needs more girls and women.

The United Nations encourages the…

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