On Tidying Up. Another Blog For Another Purpose.

Actions and Consequences

I recently joined a Writing Challenge which has been a rewarding experience on many levels. One of the topics which cropped up in responses / replies was avoiding falling into the trap of being ‘Preachy’ and spoiling a narrative; the possibility of your political or social views getting in the way of the plot and character development.

With this in mind it occurred to me it may be constructive to keep, this my original blog for the subjects associated with Writing and Whimsies, with the occasional side-swipe at WP and WORD. In consequence since I cannot keep my political mouth still to set up a quite separate blog for those subjects.

So in spite of WP, not because of it I do believe a suitable one has been constructed. Its spareness intentional.

My hope is not for this new blog to be an arena for my preferential views alone. Over recent years I have taken an interest in International Relations theories in particular the ‘Realist’ school, therefore there should be something of a detached analysis of how things are the way they are and also how they might go. The underlining theme will be the using of Historical Lessons and Examples.

Of course the site will be experimental and which direction it will go is something not to be predicted. Hopefully many subjects in a very broad arena will be covered. There will not be an aim to be inflammatory or suggest ‘this’ is the correct way. However it would be disingenuous to say these posts might not disturb, maybe challenge some conventional perceptions, on occasions sound bleak and others peculiarly optimistic, in a sardonic way.

The initial post will cover the first use of Nuclear Weaponry upon Japan. A subject redolent with opinions and beliefs. One which in its demonstration of Humanity’s ability to kill many, swiftly, caused a social shock wave which still resonates down the decades making it almost an article of faith that you cannot not have an opinion. I will not intend to justify, I will not intend to dismiss those who are still angered by its use. The intention will be to use this event as an illustration of one of Humanity’s Marches to a fearful outcome, mostly because of the near inevitability caused by a herding surround of circumstances.

The reader will be left to reach their own judgement.

A link:

A Question of Inevitability?


6 thoughts on “On Tidying Up. Another Blog For Another Purpose.

  1. I’m definitely NO expert, but I have learned to work around some of WP’s Stupid Design flaws. Of course, I tend to think part of it is because I use a theme that has been around awhile … and I’ve noticed that some of the new ones lean more to the “business” bloggers and thus, throw in a lot of unnecessary “stuff” for the rest of us. In any event, if you want to contact me via email (see my Contact page), maybe I can answer some questions and make the process a bit easier.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind offer Nan.
      I think my latest work around might do the trick, though am in complete agreement with you over WP’s business orientated strategy, hence my choice of a paired down, basic new site.
      I will bear your helpful offer in mind
      (I have this theory that Skynet out of the Terminator Franchise is there, but is using a sneakier strategy. It infiltrates platforms like WP and plans to drive both users and the poor ‘Happiness Engineers’ into drivelling, drooling twits- then will take over)

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