Rohingya Refugees Flee Penang Detention

This is not a ‘What About’ blog or reblog.
But a reminder to us all suffering is world-wide and we must resolve the do the best we can, as we can, how we can, when we can.
And never give up or forget.

The Human Lens

On April 22, Rohingya refugees held at the detention center in Bandar Bahru, Malaysia protested against the hard conditions that turned bloody as they tried to escape the confinement. The incident has caught much attention inside the country and on international scale.

Though, Malaysia, does not formally recognize refugees it has been dealing with the influx of Rohingya, the persecuted and stateless people that are making their way from Myanmar since years.

UN figures show that approximately some 100,000 Rohingya live in the country using UNHCR cards as they await resettlement and have limited access to healthcare and education. Moreover, they are not allowed to work and many families have been held in detention centers for long periods of time.

The April 22 incident was confirmed by Malaysian authorities which records that over 500 Rohingya refugees including men, women and children attempted to flee out of the Penang camp. They had…

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