On Friendship

Jill has written a deep and thoughtful post here.
Spare an interlude in your day, for your friendships

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Please forgive my introspective and somewhat dark mood this morning …

What is friendship?  Respect?  If I don’t respect you, can I still really call you a friend?  In times of strife, we learn who our friends really are, don’t we?  I and most of you have either lost friends or found relationships strained over the last six years because of our political views.  Here in the U.S., it was Trump, and in the UK it was Brexit.  I remember in 2016/2017 being floored to find out that people I had known for 30-40 years were avid fans of Trump.  Eventually, most of them ‘unfriended’ me on Facebook, stopped sending Christmas cards and stopped including me in their occasional lunches.  All of which was fine with me, for I realized we had nothing to talk about and my views were too strong for me to sit and smile while listening…

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7 thoughts on “On Friendship

  1. Jill, I came to this late. It is wonderful, and I’m reblogging it shortly. I had to cut and paste, rather than reblog, because of WP limitations. Thank you for this thoughtful piece—and for the fine comments it evoked.

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