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Queen Gervalene’s muted outburst was as much a commentary as she would allow herself.

Both her grandfather Gerveg (The Rock) her father Gerveg II (The Just) had died early, their bodies giving out through the demands of their spirits and minds. The former through war, the latter at the demands of constructing an iron sure administration. Thus was Greymorell a stable, uniform and secure kingdom amongst a region of still dyspeptic neighbours.

Not one which had previously had a queen though. And a young one.    

Gervalene knew there were many unhappy about this. However, she was the only heir to her father and the laws were quite specific about The Line of Succession. Such were the heritages of her forbearers no one questioned The Law.

The Law, however, would not stop folk nagging her about the Supremacy of her Council, ‘Ware The Ethereal’ and naturally Marriage.

After her coronation she had spent twenty and five days at this wind and sea swept remote bastion. Contemplating. At least people respected that; The House of Nüchtern was ever serious and reflective. She was of The Blood and would do her duty.

Whatever storms. She rolled up her chart.


Queen Gervalene’s wish to ride the sixty miles back to Castle Verwaltung was in keeping with House of Nüchtern.

On arrival she was greeted by her trusted Lady of Service Liefje.

‘Your Highness. Chancellor Dringend and council await,’

‘Choppy waters,’ she added.

‘Of course,’ Gervalene said.

‘And sewerage spill,’



‘Your highness,’ Dringend observed the stride of Gervalene’s entry, still dressed in manly riding gear, gauntlets into her belt. No delay with changes into courtish dresses.

‘My Lords,’ she called as if hailing another in a fog ‘To business,’ 

Murmuring of approval.

Nonetheless Dringend felt it was his duty to ensure this young Queen listened and did as advised. Unforeseen problems had arrived.

‘Your Hghness’ promptness is to be praised,’ as always, he drew breath before he launched into the list of ‘matters’

Taking advantage of the calm before the storm Gervalene steered towards the table bearing a large map and being studied by Duke Krijgsman, commander of the Greymorallench army, of noble bearing, veteran, widowed.

Conventional courtly wisdom reckoned just the right husbandly material for a young untested queen.

All eyes were on Gervalene, evidently she was drawn to him. He smiled, benignly, a good open gambit.

She drew closer.

Finger traced along the map.

‘My dearest duke. I am comforted to see you studying our positions. With the empire still being young, it is necessary to consider our security and make good our loyalty,’ she leaned in focusing on a land two kingdoms away ‘The question of Accession in Unurhig threatens war, thus spilling into our fayre neighbours in Besorgt. Our emperor dislikes squabbles. Please invoke the Treaty of Wohlwollen. Our neighbour King Glücklos will be relieved we come to aid of both Besorgt and beyond,’

Krijgsman appeared conflicted, then resolved. Whereas he had intended to make initial maneuvers for the queen’s hand, going back to his youth he had a particular loathing for the trouble making faction in Unurhig. Gervalene smiled encouragingly.

‘With all due speed your Highness,’ he said heart moving ahead of head and loins ‘Unurhig is a complex land, the campaign will take some time,’ It was, he felt only correct to let her disappointment down gently. As she had steered him to.

‘Good Duke, your attentions to duties does you credit,’ Gervalene said and swiveled to lock eyes upon a small man of attentive and eager poise, ‘Lord Ferris Clerke of Our Offices. Please draft correspondence of Emperor Lexor explaining our intention in this is to support the empire and request our consideration for Duke Krijgsman to be elevated to a General for the Imperial Throne,’

Krijgsman’s beam of pride was equaled by that of Ferris’. Ferris had yearned often not just to record the word of the Throne of Greymorell, but to draft on its behalf. The honour of trust. Oh Joy!


Dringend already distracted was caught off guard by the speed and astuteness of Gervalene’s moves which he had to admit were flawless. The marriage matter would be moved down the agenda. There were other sudden unwelcome issues.

‘He’s got the Tightening Nostrils; father warned me about those. Here come the serious squalls, and watch out for flying sewerage,’

 ‘Your Highness,’ Dringend said teeth gritted ‘Our own Arch Expeditor of The Lord God’s Word, Aufgeblasen has been unexpectedly, or so it seems, visited by Imperial Custodian Captain Ondsindet. They approach,’

Ah. The Sewerage,’

Gervalene had to assume Dringend had been, for once, outmaneuvered. There was mutual dislike between the Chancellor and senior fellow in the religious hierarchy of Greymorell. She had to assume this Ondsindet was another of the opportunistics looking to rise up the ranks. The Imperial Office of Religious Purity was full of them. A chancer seeing a new and young queen as easy pickings. Aufgeblasen by association must be trying for an imperial office.

Now for a hard tack into the wind as her old marine bodyguard would say.  

She appraised them in best emotionless regal style as her father had taught her. For when The Time came.

‘Gentlemen,’ she said. There were mental gasps. Displeasure. The Queen was not using either man’s title. When arrogantly challenged that had been her father’s opening response. She had been taught well ‘You concerns please,’

Aufgeblasen at seeing a younger female version of Gerveg faltered, playing for time coughed and cleared his throat, Ondsindet ignorant of the land’s heritage forged on. There was strong evidence of a spready of Whychery into ‘this realm’, it had been simmering but with the death of Gerveg II had moved to seize the prize, he did check himself by adding the words ‘during transition’, but Gervalene caught the message. ‘Instead of Ethereal he had used the abusive word ‘Whychery ’and not just insulted her but her father. Prepare to engage,’

‘Your solicitude is appreciated Captain Custodian,’ some imagined frost was in the air ‘This is weighty indeed. A regent must care for their people. Respect their emperor. But must above all serve The Good Lord God,’

Having made what probably would not be a very memorable statement she curtly ordered the two men to follow her. A glance from her Chancellor and the ceremonial guard fiercely stepped into the herd the two men.

Gervalene did not pay attention to the words trailing her or Aufgeblasen’s puffing to keep pace, anyway she was sure he knew what was coming. They steered the swift tack to port and she led them down a quiet corridor to an rarely visited room.  She knocked softly.

‘Please enter,’ came a quavery, friendly voice

Theologian To The Throne Geleerd had been middle aged in her grandfather’s years, unofficially he was known as The Conscience of House Nüchtern. It was known, but not spoken of, that he had been the only one who could steer both Gervegs away from some of their more frighteningly harsh ideas. He maintained an unswerving iron resolve to the moderate and could quote from all five holy books in a gentle but deep reproof to his target. Those who thought him a wandering old duffer were swiftly appraised otherwise.

Gervalene took his hands as he rose with greetings to her, his body seemed to rely on resolve to keep going.

‘Your Highness. How kind to visit,’ a twinkle came into his eye ‘And you dear Aufgeblasen,’ then a knowing look ‘A Captain Custodian too. I am honored,’

 Steering around the smidge of sarcasm Gervalene explained the reason for the visit.

‘Dear Master Geleerd,’ Gervalene spoke as grand-niece ‘These gentlemen,’ there could have been more frost and a chill breeze ‘Are concerned over matters of Ethereal Abuse in Our realm,’ one admonishing regal index finger rose as The Custodian began to say ‘Whychery,’ he got as far as ‘Wh’  ‘As your queen I would ask of you to discuss this with them,’

          ‘Of course, your highness,’ he said with much affection.

          He had been her Ethics tutor, he taught with humour. She still thought of him as an uncle.

          ‘I will instruct the guard to stay. To ensure there are no interruptions,’ these words were addressed to Ondsindet.

          And she left, Aufgeblasen full aware that there was going to be a remorselessly long discourse which would leave him floundering. Why he could not have avoided this? She had moved so fast. Ondsindet was on his own.


          The muted hub-bub stopped on her return.

          ‘Let us be seated good lords,’ she said ‘There must be more to discuss,’

          Dringend was impressed by her maneuverers, she was indeed of The Blood and presently he was in her wake. At his imperceptible nod others waded in with their own matters.

          As Gervalene could only grasp about one quarter of what was being said but assumed each proponent had his own possibly financial interest. To avoid the shoals of delay she agreed to proposals, although saying pointedly to the clerkes ‘Let the record show: On the advice of- ‘. Thus, when something went wrong, as it probably would, everyone knew who to blame. After the first two had doomed themselves, the others were less intense with their interests. Tax reform reducing the burden on the wealthy was completely dropped.


          The council ended. Two remaining. As Dringend gathered his papers Gervalene placed a hand softly on his arm.

          ‘This was all a test? I am sure you could have stifled clumsy Aufgeblasen without my help,’

          Dringend seemed to muse on the question.

          ‘The Regent will ever be the last bastion,’ he replied.

          As cryptic as the reply was she read the undertow.

          ‘I do hope The Captain Custodian is careful with his subsequent commentary. He should know how much in Fond Regard Dear Gerleed is held in our realm. And The Emperor would not like some mere Captain Custodian to upset such a loyal realm,’

          ‘Quite so Your Highness,’

         There was unsaid agreement.

          The Guards would report on words overheard. Agents disguised as peasants would record predictably sour comments made by the fellow on his journey out of the realm. It would all be managed and filtered to the Emperor.

          Ondsindet would be wrecked on the rocks of politics. Aufgeblasen would limp back to his safe habours and be compliant.

          ‘Marriage? Another day then?’

          ‘Quite so Your Highness,’


          In the deep night she surveyed her chart, it had served her well, warning of the dangers upon this stretch of the Sea of Life. Look to the Ethereal for guidance but never predictions. When her abilities had surfaced Geleerd was there to tutor her, as he had with her father. She learnt never to abuse the ability only to navigate with it. Her chart, crafted with her own skills. And never make much of this gift. Just a skill like any other.


          She slipped into bed welcoming arms enfolded her.

          ‘Long day sweetling,’ sympathised Liefje.

          ‘There will be the marriage thing,’ came the grumble.

          ‘Got an answer. Grand Duke Profugi. Younger son of Maggiore of Cisapline. His older half-brother wants him dead to tidy up the inheritance. It’s not unusual thereabouts. He’d make a good King Consort. The rank and station would remove him as a threat to his sibling. Thus, he would be happy to settle here,’

          ‘There will have to be children, ‘grumbled Gervalene in between yawns ‘I like children and would make it my business to cope with pregnancy and labour. It’s the starting which vexes me,’

          ‘Only a few times a year,’ Liefje said ‘after that he can run free, but discreetly. He will understand. It’s ever such a common arrangement these days. And you can learn to be friends. He is known to be affable and open minded,’     

‘A few times a year,’ Gervalene muttered as sleep advanced ‘Oh the duties my realm calls upon me,’ her hand squeezed Leifje’s ‘Be thou my guide sweet pilot,’ she said and slipped off to sleep.

          ‘Thine evermore sweet Captain,’ Liefje whispered in reply and kissed the sleeping head.


15 thoughts on “These Chartered Yet Unsettled Waters December #BlogBattle-Navigate

  1. Nicely done how you worked the metaphor of navigating choppy seas with the social acrobatics of politics. Gervalene quickly made me draw a parallel to Queen Elizabeth centuries ago, certainly one of the more memorable monarchs. The mention of wychery or ethereal realm, and how she’s tapped into that, brings up questions of details in her involvement. So it’s inherited? Or can anybody do it if they go through the correct incantations? And were some of the harsh ideas of her dad and grand-dad, that Geleerd tempered, based on their ethereal connection? There seems to be a typo when she leads the gentlemen down a ‘quite’ corridor to Geleerd’s room. Many possibilities lurking in this tale!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Argh! Cursed be those typo pixies- I read the blessed draft several times and that still slipped through. Thanks Abe…I will amend.
      ‘The Ethereal’ is in the category of . Some are born with it. Some achieve it. And others have it thrust upon them. In my novels it’s whole nature is deliberately vague; useful, beneficial dangerous and difficult; like any other force of Nature quite independent, you work with it.
      Gervalene has been born with a certain affinity; quite low key.
      Her grandfather and father. Well, those would be for other stories, I guess, I’ll have to research ‘the histories’ held in my possession 😀
      I’m glad the story caught your imagination and entertained you.
      Thanks for your comments, support…and spotting ‘that’ typo!
      Best wishes

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Nicely navigated Roger. I see a lot of this Monarch/political intrigue in both The Witcher books and GOT. Especially when the lineage isn’t quite what either “law” or incumbent councils want. Here it’s young Gervalene. One might suggest, given the circumstances, the body guards and such like are assassin aware. I get the impression more than a few on that council could indeed gather and plot to ensure their positions remain solid and the young upstart has a short reign.

    Wychery too. Do they burn such at the stake if proven, or is it an “accepted” trait? One might think a kingdom with a heavy religious lilt might well frown upon such ungodly activities. 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Gary.
      The world this takes place in, is ….complicated.
      Ethereal / Whychery is quite like many things Humanity has encountered:
      If someone is in authority, they try and use it because they say they know ‘how to’. Lower classes are not allowed to because according the official line ‘they will only get it wrong’. That said, everyone can be accused of ‘Whychery’ if it suits those making a power play (although that can back fire on the accusers)
      ANNNNDDD if that wasn’t enough there is a Guild of Mechanicals who insist only by using machines can safety be assured, though they in turn have to be careful who they lecture on that account.
      Meanwhile the Custodians who officially dislike its use anyway go about being suspicious of everyone, including their own ranks.
      And some others, like The LifeGuard just use it anyway and dare anyone to interfere
      A bit like nuclear weaponry, everyone claims everyone else shouldn’t have it.
      Meanwhile…bear in mind it is a force of Nature and the most astute know full well…Humanity does not control it, just makes accommodations. Those who find they have a
      natural affinity with it, soon learn this or go ….’splat!’
      Nothing is ever simple in this world. True villains, unless this wise-up are a very much put-upon class, because heroes and ‘good folk’ don’t play that nice if pushed.
      In keeping Gervalene and her paternal forebears are sharp folk, using their own strengths to best advantage. They also engender loyalty. Anyone whose tries to go GOT on them; if they survive learns it was a lousy idea.
      Her Ethereal gift is to be at least two steps ahead, albeit nuanced into ‘soft power’…. usually anyway.
      I have great fun visiting there and reporting back my observations

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ahh… I’m with you now. It’s a kind of natural ability within bloodlines. Bit like Robin Hobbs thingy in the farseer trilogy. Or those abilities my characters have in DS.

        Makes sense to me now in the way you’re using it and why there is no which burning 😂

        That said your council does look a shade unimpressed by the new leader. Probably something she already knows, hence the disarming dialogue. Great stuff Roger.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I enjoyed making The Ethereal as ‘quantum’ as possible, being a variable which will not be pinned down by our perception.
        In my books the three central characters are all effected by The Ethereal. One has to deal with it through machinery, one was born into it and another literally had it thrust upon her. There were never any clear lines.
        There was not enough space to dwell on the council, but it is more a case of ‘Uh-Oh. She’s her father’s girl,’ and afterwards some re-evaluating and distancing from the two who really tied themselves up with being too forward.
        Soft power. 🤫

        Liked by 1 person

      • That is the down side of 2000 words Roger. What to put in and what to leave out. I’ll warrant you could get a full BB piece just exploring the councils POV.

        The perception part is one of my fascinations which you probably see a lot in most of my stuff. I try not to humanise things that are clearly not human. Just because we think a particular way does not mean another species, AI, alien or clone will.

        I do like your concept of the ethereal too. Written their back story for existing yet 😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • ‘I’ll warrant you could get a full BB piece just exploring the councils POV.’.
        Oh yes, that’s a point……🤔 I do like writing about the tangles and confusions of ‘Administration’ (You can take the lad out of the Civil Service, but you can’t take the Civil Service………..)

        My idea of The Ethereal has its inspiration in mixing together some parts of Quantum Physics and current ideas on Dark Matter + Dark Energy.
        Basically. It’s there. Always has been. According to ‘histories’ in the books, it seems The Ethereal turned up Earth as some cosmic event turning all perceptions of time and distance all about the place (and the weather).
        Some folk in the Guild of The Mechanicals blame some ‘twonks’ back then trying to do something important with a device (maybe the Large Hadron Collider) on the cheap and not giving it much thought. Thus there was a breach in one of the Dimensional Fabrics (or something Quantum-ish ).
        It’s all deliberately vague., because no one can figure out the history or the true nature.
        And one of the central heroes as this dread that one day she’ll meet any ‘old fellah’ in robes and a dropping pointed hat who spend a lot of time trying to explain the whole thing to her; when she has more important thing to do.
        Oh it’s fun writing it.😃

        Liked by 1 person

      • There you go. Next months prompt might just fit the bill there 😂

        You’re in my territory too. I love the thought processes relating to quantum physics, multiple dimensions and the possibility of “thin” spots between worlds bleeding through. So many what ifs and possibilities. Even thinking there makes the possibility of your ethereal passing through and getting trapped in our dimension. Totally different biochemistry and life order. Would they act as malevolent “Gods” or try to fit in as best they can while edging us to knowledge that will allow them to pass back?

        Imagine your mechanics dabbling and creating a wormhole that sucked something through. A whole new world order could follow. Can’t imagine a creature there being to impressed lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ah the creatures…
        Allow me to introduce ‘The Zerstorung’ (aka The Daemons- taken from the German world for ‘Destruction’). They came along with the Ethereal (travelling I think):
        They come in three types:
        The Lords of The Land- Violent. War. Manipulative.
        The Lords of The Deep- Creepy slug like things who are beyond any comprehension and just drag folk into their domains to waste away in despair.
        They don’t talk with Humans much, just ensnare, exploit and then consume or warp them.
        The Lords of The Air- Basically humanish in origin who slipped over into a sort of esoteric evil but deny they are. Complicated bunch .
        It’s always been a mission of several agencies to keep them out of the Human realms (Co-operation is lousy, inter-service rivalry rife).
        Anyone who thinks they can ‘get along with The Zerstorung’ or ‘use them’ will be painfully disappointed.
        However as the saying goes ‘There’s always one,’
        Apart from the ‘Air’ guys I never did work out if the other two were even sentiently aware of Humans as conscious beings.
        Meanwhile, everyone, I mean everyone has to tread carefully of the Ethereal itself (of course a lot don’t)
        There’s an allegory there somewhere, but I never did work that out either.😃

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Roger. Very similar theme to biblical mythology in the books not actually in the bible. Nephilim, watchers and so on. Aware of humanity yet distant. Influencing but in which way? Malevolent or not… depends I guess if you are antagonist or protagonist bending what happens to support your POV.

        Part of the fun is creating solid backstory that supports the story arc and characters. It gives depth and a sense of reality rather than flat ones that seem to invent stuff to fit where they are in the plot.

        Then there’s always the disbelievers. Reminds me of a quote. “Just because you don’t believe in angels doesn’t mean demons don’t exist.”

        Liked by 1 person

      • Agreed Gary. I can’t abide ‘All Powerful’s. One of the reasons I gave up on some of the ‘Classics’
        I prefer to experiments with concepts and motivations and sometimes not explain, because the motivation is not comprehensible to majority of the characters.
        Basically in ‘this world’ of mine. The ‘Lords’ are seen as predatory beings; Humanity is a sort of prey but one with teeth.
        So if you are a normal Human and don’t care much for being ‘prey’ then these guys are not viewed equitably 🤨.
        The only ones who monologue are The Lords of The Air, whose ancestry goes back to Humanity.
        It’s all a ‘Squish or Be Squished’ scenario, and that pesky Ethereal is no one’s servant.
        Great fun to write😃

        Liked by 1 person

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