A Cautionary Collection of An Indy Writer’s Musings.


In case you weren’t aware ‘Indy Writers’ are folk who eschew for various reasons the conventional route to getting into print by submitting their work to agents or publishers. ‘Tis a long hard road often with scant, if any reward. Yet they do this for various reasons, and operate or strive by various maxims. Here are some of mine. I should warn you I have found regular doses of Sardonic Humour help me through the scant periods, which do seem to be rather unjustly long.

I am playing the long game. My grandchildren’s children will clean up when my work is discovered.

‘They’ don’t know what they are missing.

Arrogance in a writer is like seasoning. A smidge enhances the work and motivation. Too much makes everything unpalatable. 

The first draft is supposed to be terrible, if you think it’s not, you’re not doing it properly.

When it doubt, just put words down and sort them all out afterwards.

Awww Geez Louise you guys. It’s different already. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of literary history when this work of mine breaks on through..

Well. We’ll see in 200 years time WHO is held up as an shining example of early 21st century use of the artful and incisive working of sub-text and adventuresome extrapolation when employing the Fantasy Genre as a mirror to the complexities of Human societies while celebrating the heroics of the independent folk of varying stations and maintaining an optimism that evil will fall before determination. Uh? WE’LL See!

I have not failed. I simply keep encountering folk who don’t understand what this book is about (You then say ‘Thank you Mr Thomas Edison for allowing me to plagiarise your original  statement)

It’s not my fault Amazon’s search engine is faulty and doesn’t direct folk to my Kindle work.

Maybe, just maybe my last marketing drive wuz a bit off-the-wall.

Folk have very many books To Be Read. Be patient .

And if all else fails…..

Hah! If that’s what I gotta write to get successful. Well PFFBBBBBBT! To the lot of them…….PFFFBBBBBBBBBBBBBT!!!!

Whimsical 2

(However you don’t want to get to that stage. No seriously. Just keep on keeping on working the nuancing and talking with other writers, but don’t read ‘How To….’ books they just lead to excessive PFFFFBBBBBBBBTs, and that’s not good. And if you do make it, just give a small mention to this post…Huh guys?….Just a tiny mention….A word mebbe?…Huh?)  



12 thoughts on “A Cautionary Collection of An Indy Writer’s Musings.

  1. “Write a book,” they said. “It’ll be fun and you’ll make a fortune,” they said. HAH! Love your collection of maxims … I could just picture you growling a few of them. Keep it up, Sir Roger … one day soon, I will find your book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble! And now I remember why I decided I cannot write a book!!! 🤣

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  2. These are delightful and relatable, Roger. When Shakespeare wrote that “the fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves,” he wasn’t facing the rigors of 21st century publishing. As you’ve advised me re: saving our democracy, “keep on keeping on!” Cheers, Annie

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    • Shakespeare only had to cope with the misleadingly named ‘Master of the Revels’ and not the horrors of agents and publishers.
      British comedy has great fun with putting Shakespeare in that context, but not much available on You Tube:
      Recently we have a brilliant three series ‘Upstart Crow’ which deals with Shakespeare’s trials and tribulations of getting his plays written and acted. If you want to check it there will be extracts on You Tube. It’s one good way of learning Shakespeare.

      Anyway, got a bit off topic there😃
      Yep! We just keep on keeping on. It’s the only way.
      Glad you enjoyed the post Annie…. A little of the sardonic commentary on writing never hurts.

      Once again. Hope you Christmas Day is OK.



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