In These Isles An Age Passes.


A remarkable woman will no longer be with us. 2 days ago she accepted and appointed her 15th Prime Minister.queen-elizabeth-greets-newly-elected-leader-of-the-news-photo-1662466242

Around the world leaders are paying tribute. TV stations are headlining (CNN, NBC, Fox for readers in the USA). In Paris in the ultimate tribute- the Eiffel Tower’s lights been switched off.

Most of us know only Elizabeth II as head of state. All of us have to get used to having a King and singing ‘God Save The King’. True some folk will be grumbling about the time being spent on her passing. Their words will be of little consequence over the next few days.

Let me just bring to mind but a few items I can recall:

She was instrumental over the years in the solidifying the Commonwealth of Fifty-Six nations, some with no history of being part of the old British Empire

In 2011 She visited The Republican of Ireland for 4 days and not the advised 2. Against the advice of her folk, she visited the Garden of Remembrance (dedicated to those who died in the 1916 rising). Later she was to shake hands with Martin McGuiness (Minster in the Ulster Power Sharing Govt and previously senior IRA officer).

Trump behaved himself during a state visit.  

During a time of strikes Rail Workers have called off two coming days of strikes and the Postal Workers are cancelling one current two days of strikes. As marks of respect to Elizabeth II.  

There will be many other tributes and recollections available on the world’s media which you may read if you so wish.

Elizabeth II as one other great person before her, now belongs to the ages.