History Will Judge You

There is much being written about the events of January 6th 2021 in Washington DC, USA. Something which maybe a nadir or simply part of first act in another country’s National Tragedy. That remains to be seen. We do know there was a massive security breech, we do know four people are dead and we do know Trump was the instigator by calling on a febrile emotional crowd to march.

I expected nothing else from Trump and will not waste anymore of my efforts on that bag on vanities, a mere marionette for the intolerances and fears of a substantial portion of the population, a symptom.

My ire is upon Vice President Pence

Whereas Trump is a blundering oaf, a Stephen King style clown who decided one day to run for president Pence is a professional politician and should be well versed in what can go wrong when you start to play fast and loose with the emotions of a population already riven asunder by four years of incompetent management of the National Mood. Pence was in the second most important post in the Administrative side of government and had a duty to the well being of the nation as a whole. In this farcical tail end of the most disastrous tenure since the 1850s he should have steeled himself and said ‘Enough’. Instead he played a tawdry long game hoping to position himself with the folk who put Trump in. As with the creature who sat in the Whitehouse he showed no loyalty to the USA has a whole.

And now there is a death toll of FOUR.

And will it end there?

You will pardon me as one who watched a part of the UK tear itself apart for nearly thirty years if I have doubts on that score.

Vice President Pence. Sir. By your inaction to take the heat out of the situation you have blood on your hands too. At least FOUR.