A Brief Shift of Locations (The Precipice Dominions)

The ‘Just for Marketing and Giggles’ sojourn was probably not the most responsible venture in the history of Book Marketing but it was a great deal of fun. Probably too much fun than is good for a very low profile and sales author to indulge in but there again a ‘smidge’ of fun does help the old writing processes. Footling around also opened up a whole new learning process in page layout and image usage.

Just for Marketing and Giggles- The Comic Tragedy Approach   

But there comes a time when the writer must put aside the frivolity and the set sight upon the content of the book (or books) in question so I’m going to be working on the site dedicated to the trilogy

The Precipice Dominions… (A Fantasy Trilogy) ‹ Reader — WordPress.com

Basically musings on writing fantasy and commentaries on the Hows and Whys of this trilogy, a place to go if you want to find out more about the books, the characters and the content.

And when anything springs to mind about writing in general or other subjects then that will turn up here. 

Such as in all that is the Muses why did  the enigmatic entry ‘4.4’ appear one-third of the way through on my hard copy of Of Patchwork Warriors, I do hope it was something which happened in the last week and not when I uploaded it on Kindle. Curse you ‘WORD’


Musings on Writing- Don’t You Hate It When….3

Forward Note:

Today’s Musings on Writing is an interactive exercise.

You are invited to print out,  Copy and Paste (if WP and your computer care to co-operate) or share on whatever doo-hickey you can get WP to share with, follow the instructions

Don’t you hate it when…

NOW:…..Please enter below your list of particular peeves, niggles, annoyances, rage inducing actions etc caused by the aforementioned programme.
















THEN: Select from the following items and print-out or export as many as you wish the next time Word pulls one of those tricks on you


Keep on writing everyone……Sailing Ship