Absolutely, Positively, Determinedly

A subjectively, intensely heartfelt post on the possibly very controversial subject of….

Idiot man 2ADVERBS….

Now, I come not to vehemently argue the potentially inflammatorily question ….

Freinds Romans Countrymen

Of whether to use or not to use ADVERBS 

For this is truly a matter which is potentially divisive to many a previously solid relationship of friends who are normally, happily sharing a love of writing

Girls reenacting Brexit

Nay. Let me not be the inadvertently ruinous cause of such distressingly unnecessary woes



Suffice it to say I will, fearlessly state, without fear or favour  that I will personally



continue to use, doggedly, whenever I feel the use is beneficially and artistically useful to the narrative……


Simply because I like them


Thus having empathetically stated succinctly my case, I bid you with all due civility and affability.

A good day

Doffing a hat