Writing Just Because…

I was getting fed-up. With politics, particularly the hypocrisy and incompetence of Opposition Parties ( hush now…not the time nor place) letting undeserving scallywags get away with things (I told ‘me’ to hush now...). Also with books whose blurbs tell me that yet another law officer with soul crushing personal problems is trying to catch another yet serial killer (what is it with the fascination with these monsters who do not deserve the glorification they get). And with cheap juvenile stuff (Colouring book for adults with swear words or men’s organs as the subjects….seriously????). Ah me, unless an effort is made this will turn into a rant. Be soft now and let your Muse turn you from the introduction into the true body of the post.

10th January this year. Something on the subject of writing was in my mind as I stared at the blank posting page, I forget the details now, daresay they will return another day. Anyway My Muse in a supreme bid to break free of all the simmerings spoiling her day, danced through those cloying thoughts in a joyous, determined, urge to be frivolous, took my imagination by the hand and led me away.

It is a work in progress Aureyborealice, A Fable in Several Parts…Part I

Starting out as a simple piece of humorous whimsey using the fairy tale style and mixing in satire, farce with anything else which would fit into the pot. Originally it seemed to have a life of maybe three posts of about 1,600 words a piece. Of course I had forgotten about the will of the characters; once they had settled down and become familiar with my head, they would not leave and insisted on the whole story being told. So here I am with Part X completed, 18,000 + words accounted for and whereas there is an end in sight…. it is a long way off.

I don’t think the finished project will ever see the light of day as a book or novella. So what purpose does it have? There is an easy question to answer….. To write for its own sake. To write this piece because I can and I want to. There are opportunities to air some beliefs, to indulge in screwball humour, some British bawdiness, and as mentioned before some satire. In this tale folk who mean well or have a balanced sense of proportions thrive. Folk who deserve retribution for their careless or unpleasant behaviour and will not learn get justice heaped on them, sometimes in a callous way. Others who had blundered through Life become wiser. A world in whose ethical nature I would like to dwell.

A secondary purpose is the challenge to ensure the plot does not follow the same paths as my current Precipice Dominions project.

The Precipice Dominions

The Precipice Dominions

Therefore this current exercise is a refreshing drink and keeps matters ever active. This said, the two narratives might well take place in the same world, although not in the same locations and certainly not the same times.

Of course writing is an effort, and it is only a writer’s nature that they wish to record this effort, somewhere. So I place this on WP, to remain in its archives, to be chanced upon, for folk to read and above all to state ‘I was here and I wrote this. My Muse (an industrious quirky little pixie of whom I am very fond) I thank you,

And it is also on a Word doc. And hopefully on a cloud. The book may yet evolve.

So, fellow writers. You should not fret when the urge takes you to write another piece of work, removed from your current project. Sometimes you need the allegorical walk away from the habitation of your current book into a fresh air. Other times when you are feeling low because the plot will not flow or you seem to be writing for no one but yourself, another piece of work can revitalise, remind you of your nature; To Write because you can. And because you will. Write for the joy of letting the words flow out from thought and take form. You need no other’s approval, they are not above you. You are A Writer. It is enough.