Veterans Day


For my friends in the USA

11th November Veteran’s Day. USA

The song at the bottom of this post by Brewer & Shipley ‘Seems Like Long Time’ always conjured up at image of soldiers around a fire, singing:

From 2:49 are the most telling lines:

‘War time is only the other side of peace time

But if you ever seen how wars are won

You’d know what it’s like to wish that peace would come

And don’t it seem like a long time….’

Think on these following images of how you got to be so comfy, and when those folk who have never been to war start banging the drum…..

And the ones who never got back in body or in mind….


Eyewitness 3

(Hurtgen Forest Germany 1944)


Eyewitness 4

(‘Somewhere’ in Europe 1944-45)

Eyewitness 2

(‘Somewhere’ in the Pacific 1942-1945) 



(Omaha Beach Normandy June 1944)

And just a ps for those Fools who embrace a neo-nazi cause:

Malmedy Massacre

(Malmedy 1944)

You Traitors.


11th November, Forever

Wars persist.

While historians both professional or pundit will step forth and say this one or that one was or wasn’t necessary, there always seems to be another one. Among the volumes written either way there is one topic they all agree on.

People die in them.





Commonweath WW2








And for those who are wont to bang a drum and spout Hate and Intolerance….

Are you ready to step up, take your place and suffer this in your ‘glorious’  cause?


(German dead Stalingrad 1942)