On National Women Day, Pakistan


The Human Lens

Almost three decades ago, on February 12, in Pakistan a large group of about 200 women activists and male allies took public stand against against the patriarchal mindset in our country by going on the roads with a demonstration in the city of Lahore. 

This was under the dark era of military dictator General Zia ul Haq and the demonstration was beaten up and met with shelling and stone- pelting by the state police forces. Additionally,  around 50 activists and gender advocates were arrested in the aftermath and ended up becoming heroes for women’s rights cause in the staunchly patriarchal society. 

Afterwards, the civil society’s contributions and push lead towards February 12 becoming National Women’s Day in Pakistan and each year it is celebrated with a fervor and zeal as the road to gender equality and equity is a long way to go.

Among the women activists, was also the female lawyer…

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